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I guess the spoiling of good pasta, especially the Squid Ink Pasta and their must-have Carbonara
weren't enough so now they have come out with more selection of cakes in the house! 
Visited this place again before Christmas, that explains the jolly decorations.
We've been here a few times, you can find our previous visits here and here.
Tried their gula melaka cheesecake and chocolate lava cake,
but the selection didn't stop there as they have just collaborated with Passionis Patisserie,
a new but very experienced cake distributor located at Siam Road.
The patisserie emphasizes on their cakes' quality where they don't compromise on the ingredients
and they insist on using fresh items only. Doesn't the cakes sound delicious already?
Strawberry Shortcake [RM14.90]
I was eyeing on this strawberry shortcake even before I stepped in cause it's rare to find in Penang!
And I'm one of the weird girls who loves cream, which explains the disappearance of ma waist. Anyway,
those I have tried were either too sweet or cloying after I finished the entire slice,
but theirs is simply perfect! Strawberries were imported from Australia, New Zealand and Korea
which are sweet with just a hint of sourness in it. The sponge was fluffy and the cream was refreshing.
We asked for a second slice right after we took a bite, this is too yummy to share with anybody!
Double Chocolate Hazelnut Praline [RM15.90]
If you know me well, you would know that I am not a fan of chocolate cake,
 but this one absolutely opened my eyes.
This three layer goodness was made of chocolate glaze, chocolate mousse
and chocolate sponge with the combination of milk and dark chocolate.
Love the crispy layer at the bottom which is made of feuilletine and topped with hazelnut praline.
Overall it was bitter sweet and velvety smooth, highly recommended to those who loves chocolate!
Tiramisu Classic [RM15.90]
Yay another creamy treat for the girl who doens't care about waist like me!
Layering of fluffy lady fingers infused with kahlua and my favorite baileys Irish cream
and hugged together with creamy mascarpone, this goes well with a cuppa tea.
Warmed Apple Crumble with Vanila Ice-Cream [RM15.90]
Haven't had a good apple crumble for quite some time, rather than white sugar,
theirs uses organic brown sugar. Love the solid pastry(cause I've had soggy ones)
and it's the ultimate joy to eat warm apple crumble together with the cold vanila ice-cream!
Creme Brulee [RM13.90]
Always a delight of hard, sweet, sugary top with soft, creamy custard underneath.
 Spicy Seafood Aglio Olio [RM18.90]
Caramel Sea Salt Macchiato [RM10.50]
Of course we had some of our all-time-favorites such as the very appetizing spicy seafood aglio olio loaded with
prawns and squids and this yummy caramel macchiato sprinkled with sea salt!
Huge thanks again to Dcova for hosting, Lean Hooi for arranging and
Catherine from Passionis Patisserie for sharing her passion with us.
Oh and also thanks for the yummy Christmas fruit cake!
DCOVA Cafe Logan Heritage
Opening hours
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 9am - 10pm
Friday, Saturday 9am - 12am
Sunday 8:30am - 9pm
Closed on Tuesday
Logan Heritage No. 4, Lebuh Bishop,
10200 Georgetown, Penang
04 - 261 3121


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