DCOVA Cafe Logan Heritage

Located at Logan Heritage, next to Traffic,
this place was previously Lighthouse Coffee.
If you're curious, the name DCOVA derived from Cocoa and Vanilla.
While D, stands for The. You're welcome.
Interior is pretty simple and warm, love the piece of art on the wall made of coffee beans.
And this staircase with greens added to it, too bad I didn't have a photographer with me.
They're using Throwback coffee beans by Papa Palheta.
And yes I did taste the hint of chocolate
but not really the mandarin oranges tinge, which is great news for me
cause orange isn't my favorite. Whee!
Espresso Macchiato [RM6.50]
Aussie Strong Latte [RM9.50]
Mochaccino [RM8.50]
Caramel Sea Salt Macchiato [RM9.50]
Caramel swirl sprinkled with sea salt, this makes me so happy,
especially the surprise salty tinge.
Surprise comes in many forms you see, this is just simply divine.
Matcha Latte [RM11.50]
For non-coffee drinker, opt for their fragrant matcha latte.
It's more on the milky side though, prefer it to have richer matcha taste.
Hot Chocolate [RM8.50]
Made with cocoa powder and chocolate buttons that are normally used in making chocalate cakes.
It's not overly sweet and ends on a bitter note. Never had any hot chocolate quite like this.
Y&G [RM8.90]
Stands for yoghurt and granola, I often have this at home for breakfast!
I mean, only when I remember to get yoghurt from the supermarket.
They mixed their own yoghurt, and it's on the sweet side. Me likey!
Besides a healthy start of the day, this makes a great dessert too.
Teriyaki Chicken Salad [RM17.90]
A little Japanese flair here. Chicken cubes glazed wth teriyaki sauce served on a bed of 
fresh mixed salad with Japanese goma(sesame) dressing and topped with chopped walnuts.
Healthy and hearty pick!
Saute Mushrooms with Cheese on Toast [RM13.90]
Assorted mushrooms including enoki, white mushroom, white and brown shimeiji
sauteed in garlic on a blanket of crispy, fragrant baked mozarella cheese.
Sided with fresh greens with balsamic vinegar, simple yet satisfying.
Ebiko Alfredo [RM19.90]
Another Japanese flair, and a rather creative one.
Cooked with creamy alfredo sauce that isn't cloying at all, with ebiko,
grilled prawns and topped with seaweeds. It's a great texture sensation,
the crunchiness of the seaweed and the ebiko burst in your mouth will bring you to seventh heaven.
I highly recommend this one!
Spicy Seafood Aglio Olio [RM18.90]
Al dente spaghetti sauteed with garlic, extra virgin olive oil,
Vietnamese chilies, succulent prawns and squid rings.
The Vietnamese chilies are hotter than the regular dried chilies, they made me wanna cry.
A must try for cray cray spicy food lovers!
Seasoning for extra kick, I would sprinkle the pink sea salt just because it's pretty.
Chicken Rice ala Dcova [RM18.90]
Their very own rendition of Hainanese chicken rice.
Chicken was juicy, marinated in mixed herbs and grilled to perfection.
Served with fragrant rice cooked with chicken stock,
topped with sunny side-up and sided with fresh greens.
Kids would totally love this! And of course chicken rice lovers like me.
Gula Melaka Cheese Cake [RM11.90]
At first we thought the pretty swirl on top was caramel, but it was gula melaka!
Rich, creamy with palm sugar fragrant, the gula melaka isn't too sweet.
Vanilla Shakerato [RM10.50]
Two scoops of vanilla ice-creams swimming in shaken espresso and brown sugar.
Instead of the regular affogato, this one is not as bitter and with brown sugar's fragrance.
Opt for this if bitter espresso isn't your favorite.
Creme Brulee [RM13.90]
I apologize for this ugly shot that doesn't do any justice to anything at all.
Rich custard flavored with vanilla and topped with torched caramel.
What's even better? This creme brulee is made by a French chef!
This place, no doubt is the perfect spot for sipping coffee
and people watching on a Sunday afternoon, or any afternoon actually.
Or morning, or evening, or night. Okay I'll stop here.
Huge thanks to DCOVA and Lean Hooi for hosting!
DCOVA Cafe Logan Heritage
Opening hours
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 9am - 10pm
Friday, Saturday 9am - 12am
Sunday 8:30am - 9pm
Closed on Tuesday
Logan Heritage No. 4, Lebuh Bishop,
10200 Georgetown, Penang
04 - 2613121


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