Reebok | Women's Health | Men's Health Wellness Week 2015 Pangkor Laut Resort

 I apologize for taking so long to blog about this.
I left my heart, my body, my soul on this hammock by the astonishing emerald sea
and couldn't help but to question why do I have to come back to reality.
Anyway, I was lucky to have the opportunity to be at the 
Reebok | Women's Health | Men's Health Wellness Week 2015 held last month at
Pangkor Laut Resort with the one and only Tara Stiles. If you have no idea who she is, read here.
I know, it is hard to associate me with wellness, when I am always eating and sleeping.
I was surprised that I survived the 2.5 days which included 3 yoga sessions in 24-hours.
I have been wanting to take up yoga but I have problem committing to it
ever since I started full-time in journalism where my working hours are uncertain.
But this yoga retreat was an eye-opening experience, so here, do brace yourself as this post is loonngggg.
Woke up at 5am(silent cry) and departed to RSH Malaysia's office in Subang Jaya.
 Arrived at this blue sky Marina Island Pangkor when I woke up from the 2-hour
(I think, I don't know I lost track of time) bus ride.
Checked-in and got a detailed itinerary.
Short briefing, hello Jie Ling!
We were told to lock our door cause the monkeys might invade our room.
I was excited to see monkeys knocking my door but there was none :(
  Hopped on the speed boat and off we go to the resort.
Wait, they lied to us. This is no resort, how is this a resort? This is PARADISE!

Look how clear the water is! Okay there's no reason to go to Maldives anymore.
Lunch with a view at Feast Village, I wouldn't mind sitting here doing nothing for an eternity. 
After lunch, we were brought to our hill villa on first floor.
It was like a mini hiking, good workout in the nature without even thinking about it.
 I think I was teleported to Italy. My villa is surrounded by green tropical tranquility overlooking the emerald sea,
the view was simply magnificent. While I was already a little overwhelmed with how wonderful this place is, 
My jaw dropped as I opened the door to heaven.
These babies were waiting for me on the bed - Pretty pink yoga mat from Reebok,
flip flops from Ipanema, swimming goggles from TYR and the event's towel.
 I think the room is designed for girls, often we fight for mirrors but here
they have two basins, two mirrors and a big one on the side. #hallelujah
I have lost my mind at this point as I couldn't decide if I should dive into the bathtub, immersing myself in the breathtaking greenery and warm, soothing water or should I dive into the fluffy bed.
 As always, sleep wins.
I was supposed to do the nature hike but I skipped it to indulge myself in sounds of bird chirping and wind singing,
it was so therapeutic. And also I was having a bad headache so I got myself a good excuse to take a nap.
Woke up an hour or two later to freshen up and ready for dinner!
 As I walked out of the door, I felt something was moving in my neighbor's villa.
Guess what? It was a horn bill!
Three of them chilling at the balcony. 
I showed my friends this photo and they thought the birds were fake cause it was too good to be true.
As I was traveling alone, I had to use self-timer and was pretty satisfied with the outcome!
The only bummer was that I was panting and sweating from all the running to the camera,
clicking the shutter, quickly position myself and posed like nobody was watching.
Tried another time near the elevator and the camera just decided to focus on ... nothing.
Oh well.
Took the shuttle to Uncle Lim's Kitchen for dinner.
 Overlooking this pinky sunset and sea breeze. Life is so good here.
Courtesy of RSH Malaysia and YTL Hotels
 Oh look it's Uncle Lim himself and Tara!
Courtesy of RSH Malaysia and YTL Hotels
Dinner was delightful and the awkward penguin made friends!
Went back to the villa, soaked myself in the bathtub for awhile with the accompaniment
of some cricket melody and called it a day.
Woke up at 5am the next day(loud cry) and took a shuttle to the helipad for sunrise yoga.
 Thought I could steal a quick nap so I lied down and my breath was taken away by these beautiful stars shinning bright in front of my eyes. Coldplay's Yellow was playing in my head.
Courtesy of RSH Malaysia and YTL Hotels
Coutesy of RSH Malaysia and YTL Hotels
Courtesy of RSH Malaysia and YTL Hotels
Courtesy of RSH Malaysia and YTL Hotels
Courtesy of RSH Malaysia and YTL Hotels
Courtesy of RSH Malaysia and YTL Hotels
Courtesy of RSH Malaysia and YTL Hotels
Courtesy of RSH Malaysia and YTL Hotels
 And that was the most amazing one hour of my life.
It was only the 6th yoga lesson in my entire life and I gotta say, this was the most intense one.
The changing of poses was too fast for me to keep up but nevertheless, I had fun.
Tara repeated just take your time throughout the session and that helped a lot as I didn't have to stress myself out when I took longer time to hold a pose and I felt okay to be surrounded by some really professional yogis.
Just look at the girl next to me, she's so pretty it was intimidating.
 Probably the only yoga pose I have mastered. Wait, was that even a legit yoga pose?
Thank you Moon and Shinnie for helping me take pictures so that I could focus throughout the session :)
Ahh those unreal fluffy puffs!
 Thought I could just get a shuttle to bring me to food but we were not allowed to do so D:
I was thinking, "What if I so hungry that I faint halfway walking to the restaurant? This is so cruel!"
but eventually, I was glad that I walked.
 The journey down the hill was breathtaking.
Had breakfast at Feast Village, freshen up and off we go to the workshop by Neubodi.
If you didn't know, Neubodi is a lingerie brand that emphasizes on finding the right fit for the ladies.
What do you normally look for when you enter a lingerie shop?
A certain kind of color? With lace? For special sexy occasion?
How often do you ask for a bra that fits you before asking those above? Hardly.
 Of course, the one-hour workshop was about boobies and finding the perfect fit for each body.
I thought I knew my boobies well but apparently, I don't.
And the sad news is, we are not encouraged to wear push-up bras for long hours.
Well hello again, flat chest.
 It was a pretty informative session, thank you Neubodi for that as well as the sports bra and discount vouchers.
We had lunch at Feast Village again, some free-and-easy time where I surfed the internet at the library
and off to another workshop where we watched Steven getting tickled by the doctor. Just kidding.
There were two specialists, Dr Zhang the Chinese specialist who diagnoses your pulse
and customize a personalized treatments, just like those kungfu movies we watch on tv.
Dr Patra on the other hand is the Ayurvedic specialist who analyses your physical and mental
wellbeing and give you an evaluation as well as advice on what to do and what not to do. 
We were asked to write down what issues(health) we have,
I almost wrote 'financial issues' and 'very single'.
I was advised to take less spicy food and cold drinks in order to get clearer skin.
Later on, all media representatives did an interview with Tara, you can read mine here.
She's so chill, funny and beautiful!
  And then I found out they have an infinity pool just beside the restaurant
and I swore to
at least dip my feet in the pool before I leave this place!
Went back to my room to change and got ready for sunset yoga at the jetty;
The youngest and cutest yogi spotted!
My body was aching from the yoga session that morning but I shouldn't be complaining
and how often do you get to do yoga with Tara? It would be crazy for me to miss this.
Courtesy of RSH Malaysia and YTL Hotels
 And... I couldn't feel my body anymore. Very proud of myself though*pats my back*
Thank you Jie Ling for taking those pictures for me :)
 Took a shower and we were ready for dinner!
I showered so many times a day on this tropical island I lost count.
Courtesy of RSH Malaysia and YTL Hotels
Courtesy of RSH Malaysia and YTL Hotels
 BBQ buffet dinner at the Chapman's Bar by the beautiful Emerald Bay,
which I had yet to discover at that time.
Courtesy of RSH Malaysia and YTL Hotels
Courtesy of RSH Malaysia and YTL Hotels
We celebrated Reebok Malaysia's GM, Manish Supra's belated birthday and Tara's birthday in advance.
It was a happy happy night with birthday songs, laughter and food.
Went star-gazing at the beach and ended the long day.
Courtesy of RSH Malaysia and YTL Hotels
Woke up at 5am again, I felt like my body was giving up on me already but yay,
I manage to push myself to do the last session of sunrise yoga at the Spa Village's library.
Courtesy of RSH Malaysia and YTL Hotels
Courtesy of RSH Malaysia and YTL Hotels
 Look at those flashy muscles!
 I think I almost fell doing this lol
 What do you do when everybody was doing some headstand, handstand,
crow pose and many stuff that you are not capable of?
Just smile :)
And I think I have found my favorite yoga pose, which is the easiest pose ever and yet, I did it wrong.
Courtesy of RSH Malaysia and YTL Hotels
And that's a wrap! Namaste.
Courtesy of RSH Malaysia and YTL Hotels
for putting up such amazing 2.5 day trip, probably the most productive 2.5 days of my life.
It was truly an unforgettable experience for me and I know I am blessed.
Of course, thank you Jie Ling for everything, this wouldn't happen without you <3
Will blog about the resort alone soon, till then.


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