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Paris - Third Time's A Charm

Six years later, I went to Paris again!  They say third time's a charm , I couldn't agree more to that. It was my third time in Paris, and finally, this time alone in summer! Personally think it's the best weather to see the city, except there was heat wave when I was there. Fortunately, I'm Malaysian so it was bearable. Hi this is me six years ago rocking a Burberry coat.  I stayed with Mikael on the first three nights I was there.  Little did I know he's a Couchsurfing OG and he had been on TV before for hosting many in the past! Oh he was singing to U2 when I took this picture lol  Mikael folded my train ticket into a shirt, how is this guy single! We went to Jardin Tino-Rossi to dance with a bunch of strangers.  Apparently that's what people do during the evening everyday in summer! The Parisians sure know how to live a good life.  We were doing swing dancing and to my surprise, I actually picked it up quite quic

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