Dcova Logan Heritage - Revisit

 Whenever people ask me to suggest a good cafe, this place instantly popped into my head.
Good food, good coffee, good ambiance and attentive staff, couldn't ask for more.
We were introduced to their Ebiko Alfredo and chicken rice during our last review 
and since then, I have been eating the same two dishes everytime I come here cause they're so good!
Great news that they have come out some new stuff recently. Something nice, something noir.
 Let me introduce you to Orange is the New Black. Okay just kidding.
 Pasta Al Nero Di Seppia (Squid Ink Pasta) [RM25.90]
I was a little reluctant to try at first as the last squid ink pasta I tried at another restaurant was a nightmare. 
Thankfully, this didn't disappoint me. The spaghetti was al-dante with olive oil,
chewy squid rings, cherry tomatoes and ebiko that burst in your mouth.
And to my surprise, there was no trace of scary 'fishy' smell at all!
The secret was, instead of squid ink, they used imported squid ink powder.
Wise choice.
Riz Al Nero Di Seppia (Squid Ink Rice) [RM28.90]
If you're not a fan of pasta or you feel like having rice instead,
go for this one topped with fresh, gigantic prawns.
Do note that your teeth will turn black when you're savoring these noir yums
but go ahead and order even if you're on a date cause if the guy can't accept you
having black teeth, how is he going to handle you at your worst? #deep
 Carbonara DCOVA [RM18.90]
This instagram-worthy dish is like their must-order but it was my first time trying it.
The classic Italian choice was loaded with generous amount of back bacon,
cream sauce topped with a good-looking bouncy egg yolk.
And to my surprise, this lip-smacking plate of pasta isn't cloying at all!
Tuna Cheesy Baked Rice [RM20.90]
Layer of tuna sleeping on herbs infused fragrant rice, topped with their homemade sauce,
shredded mozarella and cheddar baked till golden brown.
If tuna is not your favorite, go for sausage or prawn.
 Classic BLT [RM19.90]
My favorite kind of breakfast!
If you didn't know, BLT stands for bacon, lettuce and tomato 
but theirs come with pickles and onions as well  which made it even better!
Not to forget the english muffin was crunchy! Sided with fresh greens with balsamic vinegar.
Chocolate Rum Cake [RM13.90]
Chocolate Lava Cake [RM13.90]
For dessert, we had something chocolatey. As compared to the rich, creamy one with
a hint of rum, I love the latter one where you scoop a little bit of vanila ice-cream
and a little bit of the warm lava cake. The combination was heavenly.
Oh and all cakes are homemade!
Yuzade [RM14.90]
New on the menu, this freezy, citrusy and absolutely refreshing thirst-quencher consisted
yuzu soda, mint and homemade Japanese yuzu jelly is perfect during the hot days.
Shanghai Rose Tea [RM15.90/pot]
Here's something for those sophisticated tai-tais.
Not just any brands, they're serving Tea Leaves, the leading luxury tea loved by five-star properties
as well as Michelin chefs all around the world. Take a look at their website it's classy pretty!
I must say, it has to be the best rose tea I have ever had,
the fragrance wasn't overpowering, with just a hint of rose lingering in your mouth.
There are three ways to enjoy the tea: Just the way it is, with honey or with a slice of lemon.
Now let me see your pinky!
And of course, a cuppa to end the lovely meal.
They're using Papa Palheta Pay It Forward(PIF), a Brazillian, Guatemalan and
Tanzanian blend with a hint of nutty pecan, chocolate and grapefruit notes.
$2 from every sales of this bag of bean will be donated to St. Andrew's Autism Centre.
You're giving back to the society while sipping your coffee.
Isn't that great?
DCOVA Signature Freddo [RM11.50]
Espresso Macchiato [RM7.50]
Caramel Sea Salt Caramel Macchiato [RM10.50]
Hot Chocolate [RM8.50] 
Long Black [RM8]
Huge thanks to DCOVA for hosting and Lean Hooi for arranging!
DCOVA Logan Heritage
Opening hours
Monday, Wednesday to Thursday, Sunday
10am - 10pm
Friday and Saturday
10am - 12am
Closed on Tuesday
No 4, Lebuh Bishop, 10200 Penang
04-261 3121


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    1. So honored to get this compliment, thank you thank you :3 Too mahuan, just pass her a toothbrush la


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