Gartien Uji Matcha Pineapple Cake

Looking at my archive, I was a little surprised to find that my first taste of
Gartien pineapple cake was 3 years ago. Ever since, I have been a fan of their fresh, 
healthy(no preservative added) pineapple cakes, especially the chunky filling.
Since established, they have been innovative in packaging wise during festivals
Their pineapple cakes are best to be indulged together with hot Chinese tea and since it comes
in beautiful packaging, it is an ideal gift for friends and family during auspicious festivals.
This time, Gartien came out with a new flavor - Uji Matcha!
It was pretty interesting to put matcha and pineapple together.
Tangy with a hint of green tea after-taste, definitely something new for everybody. 
And I love how simple and cute the packaging box is!
Comes in 6 pieces, it is priced at RM36 per box.
They are having this crazy deal you pineapple/matcha fanatics do not want to miss!
July 1
RM1 per box, only 100 boxes available
July 2 & 3
Buy 1 FREE 1

Great deal or what? Grab one of these Japanese-inspired pineapple cakes today!

Gartien 小田佳园
Opening hours
Monday to Friday 10am - 5pm
Saturday to Sunday 9am - 6pm
04-229 0068
380, Penang Road, 10000 Georgetown Penang


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