Gartien Pinepple Cake CNY 2015 Limited Edition

As Chinese New Year is approaching,
Gartien has unveiled their CNY limited edition packaging!
I have been savouring their pineapple cake ever since their launch in 2012,
what I can see is their endless innovation when it comes to improving 
the quality as well as creative packaging.

You can read my previous posts about them on the links below
and see the improvement of my photography skill their changes along the years:
If you haven't paid their new outlet a visit, you totally should as it is absolutely picturesque.

The theme this year is the Tray of Togetherness or 攒盒 in Mandarin.
If you didn't know or have never seen one, tray of togetherness
is usually round with compartments for different sweet treats and cookies.
It represents everybody coming together and sharing of joy.
With the color contrast of red and turquoise, this pretty and meaningful
box of sweet happiness is a thoughtful and presentable gift to bring
when you're visiting your friends and family this Chinese New Year.
Each box is priced at RM45 with 10 pieces of milky, crumbly, chunky pineapple cakes
that go perfectly with a cup of Chinese tea. One tie guan ying please!
They're running a promotion of Buy 10 FREE 1 before 16 February.
Click here to place your order.
 Be the first 100 customers to order and receive their very own Natural Pineapple Jam.
They only have 1,500 boxes left. No more time to waste, order nao!
Huge thanks to Gartien for the yummy treat and Jazz for arranging!

Gartien 小田佳园
Opening hours
Monday to Friday 10am - 5pm
Saturday to Sunday 9am - 6pm
04-229 0068
380, Penang Road, 10000 Georgetown Penang

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