Gartien Mid-Autumn Festival Limited Edition

A year ago, I was introduced to this pineapple cake that saves me from
pathetically begging my friends to get me a box or two from Taiwan.
Read it here
 It was the official launch of their limited edition new packaging for
 Mid-Autumn Festival last Saturday at Goh Kaki
I didn't expect much when I got the invitation.
 To my surprise, the change is drastic! In a good way of course.
This new beautiful packaging reflects an extra touch from Gartien as it is designed by
Penang based artist Li Jynn, which goes perfectly with their slogan
 'A little piece of Penang'
I apologize for my very rare stiff smile, guess I got distracted while perfecting my thumbs up.
And that's my favorite emoji on whatsapp.
Couldn't wait to nom a piece of delicacy, as good as always.
Chunky filling, milky crust.
 Li Jynn herself was there to unveil her masterpiece.
 Honored to see her in person and enjoyed listening to her inspiring story.
 You may think this is just an ordinary painting and the moon indicates Mid-Autumn Festival.
But no, it's far beyond that.

The cute little thing that's sitting on the tree is a civet cat,
 the cat whose poops is then made into Kopi Luwak. 
The painting shows that the civet cat has escaped from its cage, 
enjoying its life up on the tree with the scene of the beautiful moon.
Have you ever heard the cat cry to the blue corn moon?
Not only artistic and creative, Li Jynn hopes to
 create public awareness against animal cruelty through her painting.

What a meaningful masterpiece!
Despite this delicate packaging, the price remains the same.
10 pieces per box pricing at RM38.
Oh and spot Li Jynn's autograph on the box!
This special edition is absolutely a collectible.
Bring this little piece of Penang home with you today
 before 19 September 2013 or while stock last.

Available at these places:
Gartien 小田佳园
Opening hours
Monday to Friday 
10am - 5pm
Saturday to Sunday 
9am - 6pm
380, Penang Road, 10000 Penang
(next to Kek Seng kopitiam)
04-229 0068

Huey&Wah Cafe
Opening hours
Monday to Thursday, Sunday 
8:30am - 11pm
Friday to Saturday
8:30am - 12am
04-228 3962
368-1-14, Bellisa Row, Jalan Burma, 10350 Penang
(same row with Coffee Bean)

Sushi Rakuten
Opening hours: 
Daily 10A.M. - 10P.M.
Gurney Plaza, Lower Ground


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