Gartien's Gourmet Pineapple Cake

Whenever someone tells you that they are going to Taiwan,
and ask you what would you like for souvenir,
what's the first thing that popped into you mind?

Hello Kitty merchandises?我的美丽日记 facial mask? Ridiculously cute stuff from 7-11?

For me, pineapple cake(凤梨酥)will always be THE ONE.
But the price has been increasing since then and has gone up to RM50/ box,
sadly nobody buys me one anymore.
But fret not, I can now get it in Penang!
Not only Penang, but all over the world!
 Check out their website, you will be amused by the places Gartien have been to!
I like the concept of their simple design, it feels like home.
So what makes Gartien's pineapple so good to travel all over the world?
Everything is 100% freshly made in Penang with home recipe. 
Pineapples are harvested in Nibong Tebal, 12 hours just to cook until golden.
The pastry is made of pure butter instead of margarine.
And not to forget, no preservative added so you can eat as much as you want.
As they don't smashed the pineapples till fine, 
it gives you a sweet and tangy sensation with the goodness of real pineapple chunks.
You could know that you're not cheated for some processed pineapple paste.
So, happy chewing!
While for the pastry, personally think there's room for improvement as 
it doesn't stick together with the pineapple filling. 
But there's something about the buttery and milky taste in it that I like.
Something interesting about their pineapple cake is that, they have Best Taste After Date!
The pastry might be too hard or the pineapple filling might be too watery when 
it's freshly out of the oven so you're suggested to follow the Best Taste After Date.
The taste may vary as pineapples could be sweet and sour at times, 
which proves that they are using real pineapple. 
Don't tell me the pineapples your mom bought are sweet ALL THE TIME.
So, see it as a surprise!
It's priced at RM38/box with 10 pieces of pineapple goodness.
Before you start to complain about the price, you might wanna think about all the facts I've listed.
All those effort to keep it fresh and original.
Oh have I forgotten to mention that, it goes well with a cup of tea?
Visit them at 380, Penang Road, 10000 Penang
(next to Kek Seng kopitiam) today, they serve tea!
To avoid disappointment, you might wanna call before you visit if you're planning to 
get a dozen of them as their stock are limited everyday.
 04-2290068, so call them maybe? 
If you're too lazy to move, simply order one here and 
wait for it to be delivered to your doorstep!
Check out their Facebook page too.

 Now let me tune into Nickelodeon to see who lives in a pineapple under the sea.

Gartien 小田佳园
Opening hours
Monday to Friday 
10am - 5pm
Saturday to Sunday 
9am - 6pm
380, Penang Road, 10000 Penang
(next to Kek Seng kopitiam)
04-229 0068


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