Comfort Organic Farm, Balik Pulau

I wasn't lying when I said I have been good friends with mother nature.
 Went on a Balik Pulau excursion during one of the public holidays.
It's fated that I forever have to wake up much earlier than I usually do on holidays.
Oh well, I'm not getting any younger. Ain't nobody got time to sleep in.
Before all those greens I'm about to show you, please allow me to celebrate something!
This is Allie from Minnesota, a reader of Silly Epiphany!
*gasp until face turns blue*
I mean, all this time I have been forcing my friends to read my blog
(and most of them still can't pronounce 'epiphany') and Allie found her way here!
The first thing that came to my mind when she dropped me an email was,
'Spam is it?'
Turned out Allie is real, not a virus hahaha I'm so full of self-doubt.
She has just relocated to Penang with her fiance, psyched for our food adventure!
It was Allie's idea of visiting this place, my friend was like
'You? Organic Farm? WHY??' as I'm quite erm... unhealthy.
My only very rare organic experiences were the
 Lucky that I have Jayne who has been eating organic to help me scout out this place.
Also they were featured in Foodsion magazine so it kinda give us
 an assurance that this place is worth visiting.
Mr Lui, the owner of the organic farm explaining how he runs this 5 acres farm and etc
(which sounds like rocket science to me). Everybody was paying attention except me,
 and maybe Jayne who was posing for me.
But hey I was paying attention when he was explaining this to us!
These leaves has the Scientific name of Strobilanthes Cripus(Chinese: 黑面将军).
Although they look ordinary, the medical value they offer is just magical!
Traditionally used for anticancer treatment and diabetes,
treatment for uterine fibroid, leukemia, snakebites and kidney stones!
Simply put 2-3 leaves in a glass, pour hot water over them and drink,
healthy living sounds so much simpler now.
And this is the only informational read you could find in this entire entry, you're welcome.
Honeydews kept in sac to prevent from harmful pests. 
Hey it rhymes!
Nona; My childhood favorite fruit, just got to know it's also called sugar apple!
Baby dragonfruit and giant ants.

Julius Caesar
Those pumpkins are just huge 
Along the way, Mr Lui just randomly plucked all these organic goodness for us to nom and drink.
Regretted much for having Sausage Mcmuffin before that.
Was resisting the ladyfinger at first, as I have never tried raw ones and thought it might taste weird.
But I was wrong! It's so sweet and crunchy!
And good news to those who loves corns from Cameron Highland,
 cause you can actually get them here!
We were exhilarated when we saw all these fishes.
Our exhilaration peaked when Mr. Lui gave us loads of toasted bread to feed them.
Competing to see who could be a qualified ninja, not sure who won.
But I'm pretty sure I got the Best Fish-Feeding Style
Super cool gondola Mr Lui made out of recycled items, and all of us took a ride!
Love the ripple, the green green pond and the green green mountain.
 I gave up after 5 minutes but I think it was a success that I didn't fall into the pond.
Tour fee of approximately RM10 was charged per person.
Looking at the organic fruits and vegs we had, RM10 is definitely worth it.
And Jayne repeated at least 5 times that Mr Lui and wife are super friendly.
Get your fresh organic supplies from them today!
Comfort Organic Farm
's Facebook page here


  1. Nice place... Been around here nearby before, nature is the best =)

    1. Indeed, nice place with nice people :)

    2. Oh yeah. I will be checking your blog from time to time. Interesting posts. Keep it up, pretty gal~~

  2. jio me next time if visit these type of place again.
    I am a farm lover :)

    1. Hyung, what a surprise! You like feeding goats boh? We go goat farm!


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