Edgecumbe Retreat

What's the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear the word
Within 1 millisecond, these 2 words popped to my mind: 
Tasteless and Expensive
Okay call me shallow, I didn't have any knowledge on organic food.
I recall there was once, probably 10 years ago when they first came out w/ this healthy thing,
my parents brought me to somewhere in Pulau Tikus to try.
And I swear it was the worst meal I had, everything tasted horrible! As they had no taste.
Since then, I never wanted to touch anything organic.
I didn't understand why people would pay so much to buy expensive tasteless food.

When Jason told me that we're going to review an Organic restaurant,
I hesitated a little bit before I confirmed my attendance.
But this place, totally changed my mind.
Edgecumbe Retreat, located at the residence area in Edgecumbe lane.
The following wonderful description of the place was copied from the brochure.
I can't describe that well, so please don't sue me for copyright infringement!
Your Retreat in the City
Located in a tranquil enclave within the city, Edgecumbe Retreat serves as a private gateway 
for urbanites. Here, you may indulge in the little luxuries of Life under one roof- 
fine selection of coffee and teas, reinvigorating massages and beauty treatments.

For culinary indulgence, dine at our cafe that serves an eclectic menu of organic bites in a relaxed and cosy environment.
To de-stress and relieve tired body, step into the spa for soothing foot and body massages and facial treatments.
Further pampering can be had at the beauty salon where manicure,
pedicure and hair spa do wonders in boosting the feel-good sensation.

Besides food, Edcumbe Retreat also provide Spa and Beauty Treatments!
Oh well, first thing first. To the food!
Mushroom Salad
 Mushroom was seasoned by yuzu, w/ the crunchy greens, perfect combination.
Local Rojak
Tropical fruits you could find in usual rojak but the paste,
 it's made of seaweed topped w/ organic ground nuts.
 Seaweed? Weird, you must be thinking.
Surprisingly it tastes like usual rojak paste, but w/ a hint of Japanese sushi!
Did I made it even weirder? Just imagine you're eating Japanese rojak, better?
Anyway, it's really good and unique.
Mini Buns that looks like Pac-Man!
Blue one would be blue flower while Green one is Pandan, stuffed w/ burdock floss.
This small treat is 10x better than the overrated macaron!
To be honest it wasn't bad, but a little tasteless to me.
Fish Claypot Noodle
Awesome even without MSG and excessive salt and pepper!
Pumpkin kuih, it goes really well w/ the burdock floss.
Organic berry yoghurt ice-cream, sweet and sour taste w/ a hint of soy and berry goodness!
  Momo Oolong, Japanese white peach tea was served throughout the review.
Tea are all organic and exclusive from Australia. 
Coffee beans are all NESPRESSO capsules!
Price at a glance, they aren't expensive at all!
Reasonable and worth every penny, please don't forget the fact that
 they're all organic and healthy. Most of all, yummy!(hey it rhymes!)
Oh, remember the place doesn't only serve food?
Here's a peep at the second floor
 Hair salon, using Simply Organic product only.
Mani pedi anyone?
There's also spa and massage room, which I didn't take picture of.
Last but not least, grocery mart for those who loves cooking
 and wanna grab some convi healthy bites!

Find Edgecumbe Retreat on facebook 
Phone: 04-2277388/010-3741803
Address:  64 Lorong Edgecumbe Lane 10250 Penang
*Do call them to ask about the menu as it varies everyday.

 Start living healthy today, visit Edgecumbe Retreat today!

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