Organic Scalp Spa at Edgecumbe Retreat, now your scalp can breathe!

Once again I was at Edgecumbe Retreat,
 this time not for food, but something else that got me psyched!
If you haven't read my Organic food review at Edgecumbe Retreat earlier,
you could read it here.
When we talk about great hair, girls would put tonnes of effort to make the best they could:
We color our hair, highlight, go ombre, straighten, curl, straighten again, digital perm
Japanese perm, Korean perm and I could go on and on but you get my point.

When what we need the most, is something called Inner Beauty,
which is often overlooked by most of us.
The most important and basic element to have great hair, is having a
Healthy Scalp

Without a healthy scalp, no matter how much money,
effort, color you're putting in are going to waste.
Edgecumbe Retreat is using Simply Organic hair products to achieve healthy gorgeous hair.
Simply Organic hair products are all paraben and sodium lauryl sulphate(SLS) free.
What are those scientific terms?

Paraben: Used as preservatives which is potentially dangerous and cause cancer.
SLS: Chemical used in most detergent, including garage floor cleaner!
Imagine how bad it is to apply on your hair!
Thus, Simply Organics is very safe to be used.
Shampoo which is suitable for everyday wash and doesn't leave your hair dry,
 conditioner that's okay to apply even on the scalp!
Aha! Bet you didn't know you're not supposed to apply conditioner on your scalp.
One of the mistakes I did which results to my horribly damaged hair.
I bet most of you have seen this before.
 It's a scanner to enlarge your scalp to determine the root cause of
your scalp problem so that right solution can be provided.
Dandruff, hair loss, oily hair, dry hair. Scalp is the mother of all those problems.
Jason kept asking me to check if there are worms on my scalp
before I got my scalp scanned, which terrified me and made me hesitate a bit.
And true enough,
They do look like worms!!! So gross that I wanted go bald!
Anyway, they're actually sebum, or you can call it oil on your scalp
that clogs your scalp, preventing your hair to grow healthily.

The hair treatment I'm going to show you will be
Organic Scalp Spa Treatment
So, let the worm-killing begin!
STEP1: Hair Washing

Using Simply Organics Everyday Hair and Scalp wash
together with the help of warm water.
Warm water helps to open up your pores
allowing the dirt and oil to break free from your scalp.
Always remember to double cleanse your hair,
which means wash it with shampoo twice to get clean and clear scalp.
 STEP 2: Applying Hair Treatment

Apply Scalp Spa Treatment on your scalp, not hair.
The treatment gives a minty cool sensation that refreshes and rejuvenates your scalp.
STEP 3: Hair Steaming
Wrap your hair in this super futuristic steamer for 15 minutes
to allow the hair treatment to be absorbed and penetrated into your scalp
STEP 4: Rinsing
Again, rinse hair with warm water for clean scalp.
STEP 5: Drying and Styling

Rejuvenating Scalp and Hair Sealer was applied after the hair was freshly rinsed
 to balance the PH of hair, prevent hair from pollution and instantly detangle hair.
When styling was done, Bang&Ends was applied as a remedy for heat and split-ends.

Ready to see the result?
BEFORE on the right, AFTER on the left.
My jaw dropped when I saw the outcome, no more worms!
Scalp lasted clean and itchy-less for 2 days!

Experience the Organic Scalp Spa at RM198 for 1 time
Also comes with package of 10 times for RM1580
Hair products used from left to right:
Everyday Wash: RM108
Scalp Spa Treatment: N/A
Rejuvenating Sealer: RM98
Bang&Ends: RM92

Sorry for not clarifying where exactly the place is in the previous post.
Here's the map grabbed from their Facebook page:
Opens 11am to 7pm, do call for booking.
Work on your Inner Beauty, and you'll shine from within!


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