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If you have no idea what real fear is, zoom in to look at my terrified face.
It's been a year since I last visited the State of Fun and I was so psyched to find that they now have bungy jump!
If you didn't know, I love roller coasters and all kinds of adrenaline-rush(adulting excluded).
I get excited whenever there's turbulence on plane cause, it's kinda like roller coaster. Yes, I'm weird.
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Okay so first thing to do before you jump is to pamper yourself to a foot massage!
Kidding. The friendly dude wrapped my legs like dumpling securing the rope.
Caught flirting :B He was telling me many people only know about Paris whenever he talks about France.
I still can't spell the name of the city he's from.
I know I was smiling but I was actually telling Adrian how scared I was.
I'm not afraid of height at all but I don't know why the fear emerged as I stood on the edge.
Definitely not the edge of glory for me.
After counting down to 10, the French dude pushed me off the 50m tower.
I remember clearly that at that exact moment, I thought I was going to die. 
But I didn't, over here I felt like a slab of roasted pork hanging at a chicken rice stall :3
If you haven't done anything like this before and you love roller coaster, 
you should definitely try this cause the adrenaline-rush was real!
I was told that bungy jump is actually scarier than sky diving! :o
You can choose to dip half of your body in the water for the extra drama in your video but of course 
I chose to stay dry because my make-up wasn't waterproof and I woke up earlier to curl my hair.
Here's the proof of how scared I was. Before jumping, you'll have a Garmin device(kinda like GoPro) 
strapped on your wrist. Videos and photos taken are available for purchase at the counter, you can preview them before deciding if you want to buy but I mean, you're already here.
How are you supposed to show off to your friends how badass you were without purchasing the videos?
 After the much raved bungy jump, we went for the vertical skywalk which of course,
it was nothing thrilling for us since we've already tried the bungy jump lol
So basically you have a harness on your back while you walk down the tower. 
Or you could just let go of the rope and let your body slide down automatically, which I did!
Apart of those two, here comes the world’s first dual Giant Swings catering 1 to 3 persons at a time. 
You'll be pulled away from the tower and released when you're 40m high, it goes 120km/hr.
I personally find this scarier than bungy jump, the jerk in the beginning :'(
I have a video of this but it was too embarrassing to show cause I looked like I passed out midway hahaha.
If you're not a fan of those activities, treat your treats to the breathtaking view of Siloso Beach on their Skybridge! Conquer your fear of height by standing on the see-through glass.
You could book the venue to host your private event, 
wouldn't it be cool to be drinking 50m overlooking a gorgeous scenery?
If none of those activities interest you, you could simply chill on the beanbags 
while watching people scream as you sip on your drinks!
Nutshell, we had so much fun that day! Definitely a day to remember :)
Huge thanks to AJ Hackett and Yu Gin for hosting and HPlity for the opportunity!

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