Singapore | What You Can Do When You're Alone: Sentosa!

Sorry for this long overdue post, had been busy packing as I made a rather big(quite I think) 
decision of my life so here's an important announcement:
I have moved to Singapore! So, more reason to blog about Singapore now lol.
Anyway, that's not what this post is about.
Despite visiting Singapore so many times for the past 6 years, 
little did I know that they have so much to offer in Sentosa!
All I knew about it was, Universal Studio and the aquarium lol. Very ignorant I know.
As you can see from the title, here are my recommendation on what to do when
you're alone in Singapore, which of course applies to those who come as a couple, with friends and family!
So, without further ado, be prepared to be overwhelmed(the good kind of course) by 3 beaches,
more than 30 attractions and 50 eateries on this island where fun and blast are guaranteed!
First stop, my favorite S.E.A Aquarium!
I have a thing for aquarium since I was a kid, those water animals fascinate me.

S.E.A Aquarium is home to more than 100,000 marine animals, 800 species from 49 different habitats.
It was also once the largest aquarium in the world!
It was the second day of the launch of Pokemon Go so we tried our luck to catch some
water pokemons but ironically, we got Magnemite instead.

My favorite part of the aquarium would always be these sea jellies.
Watching them boink boink boink in the water is just therapeutic.
There are huge majestic flap flap too!

Opening hours
10am - 7pm daily
Adult $34 | Child $24
Time for some animals with wings, Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom.
The Merlion was nothing impressive to us until we took a closer look,
it was made of real butterflies and bugs. Now I'm impressed!
In love with the park although it wasn't exactly big, the entrance wow-ed us.
It was as if we were entering a wonderland, with butterflies flapping their wings around you
and occasionally kiss you on your cheek. The wooden pavilion on top would definitely
make an instagram-worthy photo but too bad visitors are not allowed.
Faber-Castell's color pencil came to my mind when I saw these two. 
Chasing this odd-looking bird around before we left.

Opening hours
9:30am - 7pm daily
Adult $16 | Child $10
Done with the animals, next we moved on to meet our favorite celebrities!
I mean, with their wax figures is good enough. That's me recreating Breakfast at Tiffany's with my bff Audrey.

From world leaders to famous athletes and celebrities, splurge your creativity here
as you get up close with your favorite icon for photo opportunities.
Props are available for you to take the stage with Beyonce and Taylor Swift!
The truth revealed - I wasn't alone all the time when during this trip. 
I had Win Win and Fabian, both from Foodsion magazine with me!
When you see nice nice photos of me in this post, they're taken by Win Win <3
Not only talented in photography, Win Win is also David Beckham's personal trainer!
Jack Neo was so real that I thought it was a prank and so scared that he would move any time I walked near him T_T
Aww Oprah, thank you for the car!
What makes this wax museum different from the rest around the world is that this is
the only one in the world that offers boat ride which takes you through Singapore's
proud developments along the years. Not only that, before the boat ride, you are in for a treat at
Images of Singpore LIVE where the 45-minute show with actors, wax figures
and special effects that walk you through the country's history.
I certainly learnt a lot about Singapore in this 45-minute, no joke.
I didn't know that Singapore was invaded by the Japanese in 1942, did I tell you that I failed my Sejarah?
Anyway, you're only required to purchase one ticket to enjoy all three experiences!

Madame Tussauds Singapore 
Opening hours
Monday to Friday (excluding PH)
10am - 7:30pm
Saturday, Sunday & PH
10am - 9pm
Adult $39 | Child $29
Next, adventure time! Okay not the cartoon.
Apart from sight seeing, Sentosa offers many outdoor adventures too!
This very cool one called Double FlowRider located at Wave House to make your
Californian surfer dream come true! There are professionals guiding you step-by-step on how to rock the flowboard.
However, I did not try this myself because confirm guarantee plus chop I will fall because I'm not very smart.

Wave House Sentosa
Opening hours
10:30am - 10:30pm daily
Admission varies for each packages
Get your hands (and legs) on Segway to experience how does being Paul Blart feel like
or explore the entire Siloso Beach with this cool ride!

Opening hours
10am - 7:30pm daily
Admission varies for each packages
My favourite outdoor thrill would definitely goes to this Mega Adventure which consists of
MegaBounce, ClimbMax and ParaJump. Gear up and get your adrenaline pumped up!
That's me making my way to the MegaZip, their flying fox sliding over 450 metres long and 72 metres above sea level.
Here's a tip for those who wants to take photos or videos during this activity:
Be sure to have a lanyard attached to your phone or camera and 
have a strap hooked on your GoPro and selfie stick.
Didn't do my research before hand so there was no epic photos of me taken
while I flew across the jungle and landed on the beach during sunset :'(
Nevertheless, the experience was awesome!
Thank you Zhi Shan for giving us a ride into the woods!

Mega Adventure
Opening hours
11am - 7pm daily
Admission varies for each packages
My first Luge experience despite it is available over 31 million rides all around the world,
Skyline Luge Sentosa is the first one launched in Southeast Asia!
What's even more exciting was there are two trails available, which are the
688metre Dragon trail and the 628metre Jungle trail, allowing you to immerse yourself
in the relaxing green while racing your friends to the finishing line.
Photography is not allowed during the ride but I managed to sneakily took this photo hehe.

Skyline Luge Sentosa
Opening hours
10am - 9:30pm daily
Admission varies for each packages
Looking at our silly poses, one could tell that we were ready to fly!
Literally fly!
Skydiving has been one of my bucket list but I just couldn't save enough money to do it because,
I splurged them all on food when I travel. Who knew I got half of my dream fulfilled in Sentosa?
This is absolutely something new for me, what happen is you enter this tunnel
where strong wind blows from beneath which allows you to fly! Thought it would be pretty easy
but it actually takes some skills to master flying. Huge thanks to the instructor for not letting me
fly all over the place and banging the glass doors. 教练您辛苦了🙇
So for those who are a skydiving fan, this is highly recommended!
Opening hours
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday to Sunday
9am - 9:30pm
11am - 9:30pm
2 Skydives $119 | 4 Skydives $199
If you're not interested in all those activities, here are the things you could do to indulge in the island's tropical beauty!
And if you didn't know, they have their very own Merlion in Sentosa!
Climbing up this 37 metre tall legendary guardian of the city leads to this scenic view from its mouth.
This spot would make a backlit Instagram-worthy picture.

Before you leave, make sure to ring the bell for good luck :)

Sentosa Merlion
Opening hours
10am - 8pm daily
Adult $12 | Child $9
Another great way to witness the city's beauty is from this 131 metres tall Tiger Sky Tower.
This is the tallest observatory tower in Singapore and the highest point of any trip in Sentosa!
The tower rotates while rising above, giving you a full panoramic view of the city.
Hello again Win Win and Fabian :D
Opening hours
9am - 9pm daily
Adul $18 | Child $10
Comes in a package with Luge, board on Skyride for this breathtaking view of the city and South China Sea.
Will you just look at the view... Unless you're acrophobic, then I'm sorry.

Skyline Luge Sentosa
Opening hours
10am - 9:30pm daily
Admission varies for each packages
Another highly recommended ride would be this cable car ride from Sentosa to Mount Faber,
bringing across all skyscrapers and greeneries or simply put on a chill song and imagine you're in a music video.

Singapore Cable Car
Opening hours
8:45am - 10pm daily
Admission varies for each packages
For those who enjoy a good show should not miss this show with the display of
music, water, laser and fire. Thought it would be a kid show but it blew me away.

Opening hours
7:40pm - 8:40pm daily
Standard $18 | Local Resident $15 | Premium $23
Paying seperately for each and every attractions would costs you a bomb so I would recommend you
to get this Day Fun Pass Max to play up to 20 attractions at $81.90/adult only!
To download the full brochure, click here.
While you're busy exploring the island, don't forget to eat okay?
First stop was the Merlion Cafe
Hainanese Chicken Rice [$6.50]
Toast Set [$6]
Otah [$1.80]
I had really bad experience when it comes to eating in a theme park. 
The food is usually horrible and overpriced so I didn't have any expectations on their food here
but surprisingly, the food is actually good. Especially the chicken rice, the fragrant rice was on-point!
Love the idea that they embrace their local cuisine, also the little details they did on the toast!
Opening hours
10am - 8pm daily

Located at the Beach Plaza, this two-storey restaurant offers a view of Siloso Beach.

North Indian Vegetarian Set [$15.80]
Comes with cottage cheese gravy, split lentil, potato & cauliflower and briyani rice.

Hainanese Chicken Cutlet [$11.80]

Singapore Laksa [$9.80]
As the name of the restaurant suggests, Good Old Days serves Singaporean local cuisine recipes
that are passed down generations. Once again, the quality of food was out of my expectation.
My favourite goes to the Indian set!
Beach Plaza
Opening hours
11am - 10pm daily
Buffet from 5pm - 10pm daily
Last but not least, my favourite dining place goes to this place where me and Fabian became the king and queen.
Colourful and quirky, this place spells fun with cute doodles all over the walls and the use of designer chairs.
Moreover, they have this window seat with gorgeous view!
Mosh! Curry Chicken Sandwish [$13]
Smoked Salmon Sandwich [$16]
Wagyu Beef Cutlet Sandwich [$16]
Egg Salad Sandwich [$13]
Mosh! Curry Rice [$13]
Mosh! Toast with Matcha Ice Cream [$11]
Different from the previous two, this cafe serves toast, sandwiches, wraps, rice and lagsana.
The sandwiches may seem nothing to shout about but trust me, simplicity calls the shot.
And I would totally come back to Sentosa just for this toast with match ice cream.
The toast was so soft, fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside.
This place is highly recommended! 
Mosh! Cafe
Palawan Beach
Opening hours
10am - 9pm
Brought home foldable frisbee, mini phone fan and super adorable 
Merlion plashes that the dog couldn't wait to play with them!
Huge thanks to the amazing team from Sentosa for hosting and Kerson Media
for organising/sponsoring this trip. Last but not least, big thanks to Win Win for taking sui sui photos for me <3
Now will you excuse me while I walk the red carpet with my bae.

Sentosa Singapore
Sentosa | Resort World Sentosa


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