Craftisan Penang

Baby you're worth every fats around my belly.

Heard so much about this place and I was finally here!
Located right next to Soul Cafe, this is their sister cafe that specialised in
handcrafted desserts. If you know me well, you would know that Soul Cafe
is my favorite place to go whenever I'm craving for pasta
so knowing that they have a new establishment got me all giddy! 
We were actually looking for a place to work during the long weekend
(while the rest went holiday) and Ling Wei suggested this place cause he loves the sunlight here.
Will you look at how pretty this corner is?
They play indie music here, makes me cry tear of joy.
Another day, another flatlay!
Earl Grey Blue Flower [RM15]
Delicias de Serradura [RM26.90]
Or sawdust cake, serradura meant sawdust in Portuguese. Don't worry, it's not real sawdust.
It's cream layered with crunchy crumbs with a scoop ice-cream of your choice.
We went for tie kuan yin(铁观音) flavour cause it's too quirky not to try.
We were skeptical at first but it turned out to be really good!
They make their own gelatos and what I like about it is that it's not too sweet.
They even have interesting flavours including citron tea, choco vodka and durian D24 :D
Mr Jack [RM26.90]
Vanila panna cotta topped with jackfruit cubes, corns, red bean and earl grey ice-cream
sitting on oreo crumbs drizzled with gula melaka, giving it a local twist.
I must emphasize how much I love their earl grey ice-cream,
the fragrance was just right and we really appreciate that.
We had one somewhere else where the fragrance was so overwhelming that it felt like
we were shoved with piles of earl grey tea leaves on our face. Less is more okay?
Perfect spot for looking-out-the-window-wondering-about-life photo.
They have the sweetest staff who offered to refill our tea until it was colourless lol.
Sorry for hogging the seat for 7 hours, thank you for the free dessert :3
Opening hours
Monday to Friday
1pm - 11pm
1pm - 12am
Closed on Sunday
12, Jalan Kek Chuan (first floor), Penang
Right next to Soul Cafe
04-227 8200


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