Soul Cafe Kek Chuan Road

Operating for less than 2 months, this cafe already has their very own raving fans.
 Located at the colorful stretch of houses at Kek Chuan road,
Soul Cafe is the blue one right in the middle.

As it is a photography cafe, elements of photography can be seen everywhere.
Love this camera rack!
Apart from food and coffee, Soul Cafe also serves as a platform for photographers
to showcase their great products. They will feature one photographer each month.
Wayne Ng is the featured photographer for month of November.
They've got a projector at the back of the cafe for photography seminars, discussions and sharing.
Saw some familiar faces in this one - Vick the MC I met at an event and
JJ who did a photoshoot for me and babe Eunice years ago.
Photo courtesy of Jazz Tan
They've got fun props for us to play with.
Laygin looked like she was eating her mustache while HH had eyes on her head.
Me and Trista transformed into Mario and Luigi, my favorite game when I was small!
 And we coincidentally looked away from the camera, I think we're real brothers.
Okay done fooling around, now to the food!
Cappucino [RM9]
Impressive foam is impressive! It was so firm that the spoon didn't sink,
and it looked like they're cuddling. The cuppa was so nice and smooth
that I forgot to share with the rest. Sorry.
Passion Fruit Smoothie [RM13]
Drinking smoothie out of a camera lens must be exhilarating for a Canon fanatics!
The smoothie was refreshing, with the right amount of sourness and sweetness.
Caffe Americano [RM7]
Adding shot of espresso into hot water was a fun thing to watch, and look at the crema!
Creamy Pumpkin Soup [RM9]
Not all restaurants serve good pumpkin soup but theirs was thick and smooth!
Love the roasted almond flakes that added fragrance to the soup.
French Onion Soup [RM9]
A combination of sweet, sour and savory, onions were blended in vege stock and red wine,
topped with cheese and croutons. Personally think it is slightly too sweet.
Homemade Mushroom Soup [RM11]
Everyone's favorite mushroom soup was thick with generous amount of mushrooms.
There were 5 types of mushrooms in it!
All soup comes with a piece of garlic bread.
Croque Madame [RM15]
I can't believe this is my first time having croque madame!
For this I'm blaming eggs benedict and big breakfast, they seduce me everytime!
This classic French sandwich consists of english muffin, streaky bacon and cheese,
topped with poached egg and sided with greens.
Bruschetta [RM13]
A very flavorful one, slice of baguette was toasted, spread with pesto,
topped with tomato salsa and sauteed balsamic mushtooms, sided with greens. 
Spaghetti Aglio e Olio [RM12]
The most basic one with lightly sauteed micned garlic, seasoned with dried red chili flakes,
parsley and grated parmesan cheese. Slightly dry tho, more olive oil please!

Pesto Pasta [RM14.90]
For this dish, they're using tagliatelle, type of pasta which is slightly fatter than linguine.
It was creamy and flavorful with crushed garlic, basil,
European pine nuts and walnuts topped with parmesan cheese.
Linguine al Carbonara [RM15.90]
Creamy yet not cloying one with generous amount of bacon and mushrooms!
If you didn't know, I have made bacon my God.
Read it here.
Spaghetti al Amatriciana [RM15.90]
At first glance, I thought it was bolognese, but it wasn't.
Alla Amatriciana sauce is a traditional Italian pasta sauce with tomato,
bacon and cheese as main ingredients. Very appetizing one with a little spicy kick!
Linguine al Vongole Pesto [RM18.90]
Clams were fresh as they purchase them at the wet market every morning!
Cooked with white wine, sauteed garlic, pesto sauce and parmesan cheese,
this is everybody's favorite.
If you notice, the price of the food is very affordable as they strive to serve
restaurant quality food at cafe price. These people have kind souls.
Hence the name, Soul Cafe.
Affogato [RM10]
Instead of ordinary vanilla ice-cream, they're using handmade one with raisins and nuts added in!
This is their signature and they have very limited supply every day, so, good luck!
Kiwi & banana and chocolate flavor cup cakes.
Complimentary from the boss! Not for sale at the moment.
The pinky flower's coloring was from dragonfruit while the sunflower was from turmeric. 
We were given the opportunity to visit the dorm next door, also own by them,
it is the first capsule dorm in Penang!
Caters especially for lady backpackers, no guys are allowed in this place.
They have all essentials in this small space - Lamp, small table, a bed and a locker underneath.
This is nicer than my room, I will totally come here if I were to run away from home.
The two very Japanese and comfortable common areas, I can't wait to run from home already!
The 4 girls doing what we do best in the washroom.
Photo courtesy of Jazz Tan
Huge thanks to Soul Cafe for hosting and Jazz for this photo and the added 'I'm Silly'.
Opens Monday to Saturday 11am - 11pm
Closed on Sunday
12, Jalan Kek Chuan 10400 Georgetown Penang
04-226 8200


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