Miam Miam Gurney Paragon - New Menu!

Laugh laugh laugh until almost spilled my spaghetti.
Back at this French-Japanese-themed restaurant which name translated into yummy in French
a year later to try their new menu that was launched in July!
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Iced Matcha Latte w/ Matcha Softee [RM18] | Iced Matcha Tea Matcha Softee [RM13]
They have come out with a new alternative to their signature matcha latte!
If you find the must-order iced matcha latte to be too sweet, opt for this lighter version,
iced matcha tea topped with matcha softee. The combination is bitter sweet.
Fresh Fruit Tea Hot [RM15] | Cold [RM16]
Unlike the ones that we have out there, this is extra refreshing where you can 
actually taste the hint of the sliced fruits which include strawberries, oranges and calamansi.
The cold one was just right while the hot one however, was a little bit too sweet to our liking.

That's my face when I heard the food was ready!
Mushroom Soup [RM15] | French Country Side Chicken Soup [RM15]
Apart from the very creamy mushroom soup cooked with three types of mushroom
and infused with aromatic truffle oil, you can now opt for the asianized clear soup
boiled with chicken broth, chicken breast and sprinkled with black pepper and herbs.
Chicken Miso Salad [RM15] | Superfood Salad with Prawns [RM25]
Newly added salad selections, probably for the health junkies like Kim,
love the chicken miso salad which was loaded with chicken breast, mix greens, carrot,
croutons drowned in miso dressing. Meanwhile, the superfood salad is the lighter
option filled with quinoa, roasted root vegetables, lettuce with zesty pomegranete vinaigrette.
The one we had was added with prawns, the original serving is vegan priced at RM15.
I don't know how they roast the root vegetables, they tasted amazing!
And now, the main dishes!
One Egg Pasta [RM28]
At first glance we thought it was the ordinary mac & cheese but apparently not.
This pot is loaded with macaroni, tangy minstrone, chicken breast, vegetables,
shimeiji mushrooms topped with melted cheese and onsen egg.
The combination was simply amazing!
Salted Egg Pasta with Grilled Barramundi Fish [RM36]
So they have also hopped on the salted egg bandwagon and presented to us 
with this on-trend pasta. Thought it would be cloying but surprisingly not! 
Al dente spaghetti cooked with salted egg, garlic, shimeiji mushrooms and onions.
Not to forget the lightly seasoned and very well executed barramundi sitting on top, 
I would totally come back just to have the fish again!
Barramundi on Rice [RM28]
They have also come out with a series of rice and this simple
yet satisfying one comes with donburi fried rice, pan fried barramundi
sprinkled with Julienne carrots and spring onions.
Did I mention that their barramundi is delish already?
Riz Miam Miam [RM26] | Riz Teriyaki [RM26]
If you prefer something heavier, go for Riz Miam Miam!
This bowl is filled with bacon, shimeiji mushrooms, tomatatoes, pork frankfurter,
baby spinach, egg plant, onsen egg and garnished with Japanese chili flakes.
Opt for the one on the right if you're looking for something more Japanese!
This oishii choice comes with sweet teriyaki chicken, seaweed, leek, shimeiji mushrooms and nippon sauce.
Valrhona Chocolate French Toast [RM22]
Save some space for their desserts or else you'll be missing out!
This new kid on the block is drizzled with promising Valrhona chocolate
and garnished with, sea salt flakes. We hesitated at the sea salt at first but boy,
the combination was bomb digs!
Famous French Toast [RM20]
And of course, the good old french toast that nobody could resist -
classic fluffy toasts topped with a dollop of cream and drizzled with sweet maple syrup.
Salted Egg Souffle [RM20]
Not only salted egg pasta, they have salted egg souffle too!
If you haven't tried their souffle, you should know that it is their signature for its
super soft, fluffy texture and a little crisp on the outside. The salted egg wasn't overpowering
at all as it is mixed together with the fragrant vanilla essence. This is highly recommended!

Cherry Velvet Pancake | Rum and Raisins [RM23 each]
We are so spoiled with fluffy desserts so here's another one! I mean two.
The one on top is flavored with cocoa, stuffed with dark cherries and topped with
vanilla softee, blueberries, almond tuile drizzled in raspberry sauce while the one below,
as you can guess, was flavored with rum and raisins and drizzled with rum and raisins syrup.
Popelini (8 pieces) [RM18]
Mini cream puff in French, it was my first time tasting these dainty puffs.
These cuties are coated with chocolate, adding extra texture to it.
This plate of 8 comes in exciting flavors of matcha, peanut butter, blueberry,
rapsberry, passionfruit and everyone's favorite nutella.

They're not stingy with the cream at all!
MM Special Blend Hot Coffee [RM10]
The popelinis are perfect with a cup of coffee. Actually, almost everything is perfect with a cup of coffee,
isn't it? Pour over coffee at 92.3degree celcius, served with milk in the world's cutest pitcher
that I resisted so hard not to sneak home. And that's all! I'm so fat.
Huge thanks to Miam Miam for extending the invitation and of course Kimtography for the amazing photos!
Miam Miam Penang Gurney Paragon
Opens daily 11am - 10pm
St Jo's, Gurney Paragon, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang
Ground floor, next to Ben's 
04-226 7818


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