Miam Miam Penang Gurney Paragon - Valentine's Day

 Back at Miam Miam almost a year later to reclaim my throne!
The name means yummy in French, a colorful and quirky cafe
with French and Japanese theme. Absolutely in love with their romantic
and relaxing ambiance. The flowers at the window reminded me so much of Paris!
Love especially the love bench, we were told that the bench is designed in a way that 
everyone who sits on it will be close to each other. How sweet and thoughtful is that!
 They have set up a little surprise for love birds!
Scroll to the end of the post if you can't wait, but won't you stayyy with me?
 Can't agree more on this. Although I hardly cook, but with my very limited cooking experiences,
I know the difference between cheese slices and grated parmesan cheese is huge.
Using the freshest and high quality ingredients to
create French food with Japanese twist, they have added some exciting dishes to the menu!
Let's go!
Iced Matcha Latte with Matcha Softee [RM14.50] | Matcha Smoothie [RM11.80]
Their signature Iced Matcha Latte is still good as always.
The soft, light yet creamy matcha softee is love!
Newly added to the menu, Matcha Smoothie is thicker compared to the previous one
as it's blended with matcha softee, topped with me favorite whipped cream!
 Berrylicious Smoothie [RM13.80]
This instant mood-lifter is blended with blueberry and vanilla softee,
sweet and creamy, topped with strawberries.
All girls agreed that it gives you the same feeling when you're falling in love.
I think what I'm trying to say is, it releases endorphin in our bodies that make us feel good?
Just like what chocolate does to a person. Yup, I think it's endorphin.
 Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie [RM13.80]
Oh look at those mini dreamy bokeh at the back! I'm sorry, this place is making me all cheesy.
I would suggest guys to bring their crush here, pretty sure she will fall in love with you
even without flowers. I mean, it works for me. Okay back to the topic!
 This one is very rich with blended peanut butter, bananas and vanilla softee.
Could be quite filling but very addictive!
Mango Smoothie [RM11.80] | Mixed Berries Smoothie [RM13.80]
Lighter choices would be these two; Mixed Berries Smoothie consists of
3 different typed of berries - raspberry, strawberry and blueberry.
They serve wine as well, by bottles but not glasses to keep the freshness.
The small bottles are perfect for couple or small group of people.
I would wanna order that just because it's.. cute.
Mushroom Soup [RM12.80]
Cooked with button, shitake and abolone mushrooms,
this is extra aromatic as it is infused with truffle oil.
 Seafood Chowder [RM13.80]
Using fish sauce imported from France, this seafood chowder is fresh and creamy
with scallops, prawn and lemon infused olive oil that added to the flavor.
Oh and topped with seaweed for a Japanesey flair. Highly recommend this one!
MM Caesar Salad [RM12.80]
Unlike any other Caesar Salad, they used mustard and balsamic vinegar for the dressings
giving it a spicy kick. The bowl is filled with crispy bacon, eggs, anchovies and romaine lettuce.
 Al Funghi [RM27.80]
Look at that giant portobello! Dedicated for mushrooms lovers(like Mich),
seasonal mushrooms are stir-fried in olive oil
then together with al dente spaghetti. So chewy, so yummy!
Black Squid Ink [RM27.80]
Al dente spaghetti with ikasumi(squid ink), squid, cherry tomatoes and Japanese chili.
It has a slight fishy taste that I'm not a fan of, so i sapu all the squids.
Seafood Aglio Olio [RM31.80]
Cooked together with pork stock that makes this plate extra delicious
with prawns, scallops, extra virgin olive oil, sun dried tomatoes, garlic and Japanese chili flakes.
This is the Japanese chili flakes they're using.
Spice things up by sprinkling more into your pasta if you're adventurous!
Mac & Cheese [RM23.80]
The smell was pretty pungent when it was served but it was lip-smackingly delicious!
The cheese that oozes from the macaroni sent me to seventh heaven!
Loaded with back bacon, panko(breadcrumb), shimeiji mushrooms and covered with baked cheeses.
Souffle De Mer [RM30.80]
Always fascinated by the soft and boink boink cheese souffle,
this is a seafood madness with prawns, scallops and squid with fragrant Japanese garlic rice.
Do note that souffles are made to order, contain your complains
and give them at least 20 minutes to prepare okay? Good stuff needs time.
Japanese Curry with Omu Buttered Rice [RM26.80]
Sweet Japanese chicken curry with omu egg buttered rice.
Curry Dip Dip [RM18.80]
If you're looking for a lighter snack or quick fix, this could be a great idea!
Sweet Japanese Chicken Curry with baguette slices and greens in a bento box.
Caramalized Banana Souffle [RM17.80]
If you haven't tried their popular souffle, you totally should!
It's crunchy on the outer layer, fluffy soft on the inside and melts instantly in your mouth!
This one is a new one with caramalized banana, sweet and satisfying.
 Valrhona Chocolate Souffle [RM18.80]
My favorite still goes to this one with bitter sweet Valrhona chocolate!
 Caramalized Banana Souffle Pancake [RM19.80]
Another must-try on their dessert menu has to be their soft, thick pancake.
Sweetness overload with caramalized bananas with vanilla softee
and blueberries drizzled with chocolate sauce,
Caramalised Balsamic Strawberries Souffle Pancake [RM19.80]
This is a rather unique one as there's balsamic that gives it a sour note.
Great texture of hard and soft, thank you strawberries!
Again, all souffles and pancakes are made to order, so be patient and wait.
Twin Delight Parfait [RM17.80]
This is absolutely perfect for kids! Or Laygin.
Double flavored softee(matcha and vanilla) sided with strawberries,
dango balls(Japanese mochi), plum kanten(jelly), homemade cookie
with crunchy cereal underneath and drizzled with black sesame sauce.
Aren't you drooling yet?
MM Parfait [RM19.80]
Gahhhhh all those nuts are driving me nuts!
This nutty heaven is loaded with caramalized macademia, cashew nuts, almonds,
chocolate digestive biscuit and vanilla softee. My eyes sparkled when I see this. *gulp*
 Panna Cotta & Japanese Dango Balls [RM13.80]
This was light, soft and smooth which reminded me of tofu cheese cake,
except that there was no cheese in it. Something is wrong with my taste bud.
Hot Cafe Au Lait [RM8.80]
MM Special Blend Coffee [RM8.80]
Instead of espresso coffee, they serve fresh hand dripped coffee.
Light and aromatic, my insomnia was all worth it.
I couldn't get over how cute that tiny little milk container is and almost wanted to sneak it out!
And finally! The surprise I was talking about, they now have a love tree!
 Us girls couldn't stop swooning over these super duper cute locks, especially the keys!
Our host/the boss, Joseph was so kind that he gave us each of those locks!
I picked the Melody one and that became the girliest thing I've ever owned.
Photo credit to Jazz
 There are a total of 5 designs available. Dine in, buy one and lock your love on the love tree!
Or go for their Valentine's Day Set Menu below!
 Valentine's Day Set Menu is priced at RM288 per couple.

There are two sections available:
6pm - 8:30pm | Entitled to a RM30 voucher, photo and a love lock
8:30pm - 10pm | Entitled to a photo and a love lock
Reserve now before it's fully booked!

Huge thanks to Miam Miam and Joseph for hosting and sharing much insightful knowledge with us!
Miam Miam Penang Gurney Paragon
Opens daily 11am - 10pm
St Jo's, Gurney Paragon, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang
Ground floor, next to Ben's 
04-226 7818


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