uberX, the cheapest way to travel around the city

This picture was taken last July right after my Uber ride at Straits Quay,
I should have tipped my driver for making me looked slim in this.
If you haven't been on the bandwagon, you have missed out a lot as Uber has been 
actively promoting the brand in the city and its existence has brought much convenience and fun in my life!

One of the highlights would absolutely be this #UberIceCream where they deliver us
Kochabi popsicles alongside with sticker tattoo and sunnies! It was such a fun day
as I got my ice-cream during my lunch break with my friends so you got an ice-cream,
she got an ice-cream, everybody got an ice-cream! Channeling my inner Oprah.

Never ceases to shower us with surprises and deals that are too good to be true,
they have recently introduced PriceCut with uberX! Their price just got even lower, whuttt
Johor Bahru
 Kuala Lumpur
With their lower base fare, you can now travel around these 3 cities up to 15% cheaper than before.
Here are some of the estimations to give you a clearer picture on how riding with uberX is going to save your life wallet:

Well I wouldn't relate much with travelling in KL and JB but I can tell you that
RM20 from George Town to the airport is jaw-droppingly amazing and a little bit hard to believe.
With normal taxi, RM20 could bring you from George Town to Tanjung Tokong
which is a total rip-off. Now you see why I call Uber a life savior?
Not only riders, the cut of price also benefits Uber partners as the demand for rides increases,
leading to shorter waiting times, more trips throughout the day and eventually more earning for partners.
It's win-win for everybody!
The graph above shows the average earnings of Uber partners in New York are gradually increasing over the years,
even though the prices of Uber fell by almost 30% together with an increase of partners of more than 30%!
With lower prices, time spent by partners on the platform becomes more efficient
where the waiting time decreases which means a partner spends more time on trip and makes more money!

Still find this idea hard to grasp? Don't worry as I am here to be your life example.
Is that the correct way to use "life example"? Anyway,
I have taken up this exhilarating Uber Challenge where I will be utilizing RM300
to travel around the city with uberX for a week and I am confident that the credit
is going to be sufficient to cover the entire week's car repayment,
insurance, road tax, maintenance, parking fee and all the hassle(I hate driving).
The challenge starts tomorrow and I can't wait to share my experience with you guys!
Most importantly, I can't wait to sleep in the car while my driver brings me to my destination hehe

In the meantime, if you haven't, download Uber for iPhone here and Android here 
For new users, key in my promo code SILLYPG for a free ride worth RM20,
To know about Uber, visit their website


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