Kochabi Fruit Bars & Gelato

My Circle of Life Happiness!

Founded in year 2012, Kochabi, or KCB in short, was known as ice-cream potong
in the early days. The name Kochabi 古早味 means taste of old times in Chinese.
The brand is popular especially in catering service,
you can normally find their cube-shaped ice-cream at wedding dinners!
I recalled the first time when I had a taste of it was from my neighbor,
me and my brothers were fighting over the durian flavored ones!

Huge thanks to Jazz who hooked me up with KCB
was elated and looking forward to try their newly launched products!

Received a text from Ta-Q-Bin, a delivery service a day before the delivery date,
with all my details and time of delivery.
They were really punctual, arrived at my door at 8am, when the sloth was still sleeping HAHA!
I'm forever sorry to the delivery guy who had to call and call and waited for me to be slightly awake.
I actually hung up the first time he called. Yes I'm horrible.
I have a love-hate relationship with unboxing,
horrible at removing the tape but really excited to see what's inside!
I was jumping in joy! Was expecting to receive only one of these three varieties.
KCB Traditional Stick [RM1.50/stick]
Red Bean | Durian | Cempedak | Corn | Yam
Their signature potong! My favorite one still goes to durian!
KCB Fruit Bars [RM30/box of 8]
Lemon | Mango | Strawberry | Kiwi | Pineapple
Light and refreshing with the right amount of sweetness,
they're the absolute life savers in Malaysia's tropical weather!
Instead of ice-cream, they're called Fruit Bars as they do not contain milk.
They were made solely with fruit pulp, water and sugar without
any artificial coloring nor preservatives, totally safe to lick lick lick away!
KCB Gelato Bars [RM30/box of 8]
Cempedak | Red Bean | Durian | Yam
Creamy and smooth, their gelato is made of skim milk, coconut milk, sugar, egg yolk and fruits.
One thing to take note is that gelato melts very fast, so be quick with your selfie!
Gelato Pint [RM15/pint]
Cempedak | Corn | Durian | Yam | Orea Vanilla
Instead of gelato stick, I would prefer to have it in a tub 
cause it felt like it's never ending when I'm digging in!

Check out all products, flavors and packages available here:

They provide free delivery service, straight from factory, available 365 days in
KL, Penang, Johor and Sungai Petani.
Key in your postcode to see if the delivery is available in your area:
It will take only 2 days from the day you order!

Delivery time available: 8am-12pm | 12-3pm | 3-6pm | 6-9pm

Click the link below to read the detailed steps on how to order:

Kochabi Traditional Ice-Cream
E-mail: kcb@kochabi.com
Hotline:1700 818 365


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