E&O Residences Kuala Lumpur

Life is liberating when you have bed so fluffy. 
I must compile all these lame quotes I come up with and publish a book.

 Checked-in this service residence earlier in December which marked my last getaway in 2015.
Situated in the busy central business district of KL, this place is a home away from home,
a luxurious space within the city that doesn't seem to sleep.
Surrounded by shopping havens and key attractions, Pavilion and KLCC are within walking distance.
Got myself a Uber from old KTM station and arrived here in less than 15-minutes.
Now before I get all overwhelmed and distracted by the suite that I was reluctant to leave,
let me show you their atas facilities which I didn't have the time to enjoy.

 This beautiful emerald pool where I could spend the rest of my life entire day doing nothing,
just people-watching. The two tall buildings are St Mary Residences, their sister property
where they share the same facilities. Your safety is insured here as there is 24-security
and access card is mandatory upon entering the elevator.

Very chio outdoor jacuzzi where you could close the curtains if you need some privacy. So thoughtful :3

Outdoor and indoor playground which obviously messed up by some kids.
That cute little pink pony tho T.T
 Of course it's equipped with a gym and they even have a yoga and meditation room!
I and Ken were very determined to wake up early to do yoga together but we were both kidnapped by our beds.
And I also thought I would have the time to take gazillion photos along this green therapeutic
corridor but I chose sleep instead so, thanks to JJ for this one and only photo of me
among the breezy greens with my fake corporate, independent woman-wanna-be look.

So I had this entire two-bedroom suite to myself, I was so happy and I turned into a starfish.
E&O Residences consists of 200 fully furnished suites where guests could choose from
the 1,131 sq ft one-bedroom unit or the 1,442 sq ft two-bedroom unit which is big enough for a slumber party.
Facilities including home entertainment system, iPod docking station, refrigerator, 
ironing board, induction cooktop, coffee maker, toaster and wifi(very important) are provided.
Simple yet sophisticated, it's truly a home away from home that's even nicer than my home.
And I want the black marble kitchen table :(
The suite is even more equipped than my home(not kidding),
they have a dryer and even oven so you can host a cooking party too.
Everything you'll need at home they have it, kitchen wares, cutleries and even wine glasses.
They even have a study room!
Complete amenities and toiletries, you'll be fine even if you're stuck in this suite for 3 days.
Here comes my favorite part of the suite, BATH TUB!
I did my homework this time(googling before coming) and was overjoyed to find that they have a pretty bath tub! So I brought along my lavender bath salt and even candles for ultimate indulgence.
Happy girl with her bubbly bubbles!
Attempted to take some sexy photos in the tub but who am I kidding? I'm silly epiphany.
Of course it was a luxury to sleep in such huge, soft, fluffy bed and waking up to KL tower.
It was so hard to leave the bed, which resulted to missing yoga session and left with only 30-minutes for breakfast.
Love how warm and cozy the living room looks at night.
I have always thought my ideal home would be a three-storey bungalow but looking at this
made me realize that it was just a fantasy and this is good enough.
Furthermore, how am I supposed to clean the entire three-storey house Jesus.
And there's something magical about this place, you turn into a unicorn when the sun sets.
Our stay included buffet breakfast for two!
Breakfast at Delicious located at St Mary Place just opposite the residences,
 took a sneaky photo of Chloe and boyfriend hehe

Omelette station, noodle station, nasi lemak, pastries, oriental porridge and English breakfast,
more than what you need for your most important meal of the day.
Not to forget free-flow of coffee, tea and orange juice too.
Andd that's a wrap!
Huge thanks to E&O, Eileen and JJ for such wonderful experience and please send me back one day!
E&O Residences Kuala Lumpur
No 1, Jalan Tengah, off Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
03-2023 2188

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