Theatre Hair Dressing Gurney Plaza Penang

After 3 months of hiatus(on my hair), I'm back to annoy all of you with more hair flipping!

New place this time at Theatre Hair Dressing in Gurney Plaza!
The hair salon is under Pro-Trim Singapore, a brand founded in 1990
with 6 outlets in Singapore and 2 outlets in Penang.
The brand has been working with many renowned establishments such as
 Media Corp as their official sponsor.
Theatre has been established for more than 10 years,
it's a shame that it was my first time stepping into the salon.
Just recently, a Korean oppa was transferred from Singapore branch to this salon as their in-house hair stylist.
Lim Byoung Il oppa was born in Seoul and possess more than 20 years of experience in the academy.
Oh and we happened to have the same shape of mouth. 

Oppa said "cannot" at least 5 times when he looked at my hair, felt so embarrassed and helpless :(
The plan was to do Korean perm but too bad, my hair was too damaged 
so the plan was called off and I had my hair trimmed, treated and colored instead.
I had 3 colors on my hair lol!
After trimming, hair was much lighter and begone you disgusting split-ends!
Next was to cover those black root and the faded color which made me looked like a lion.
Oh they're using Loreal Majirel series!
Hair was rinsed and applied with Kérastase Resistance Thérapiste conditioner first before shampooing.
The Kérastase Resistance Thérapiste series is a hair fiber renewal care range that gives very damaged and
over-processed hair 
a second life. The formulas were enriched with FIBRA-KAP,
a powerful complex designed 
to remedy the missing KAPs in hair and an extraction from plant namely
resurrection sap 
which is able to resurrect after 10 years of near-death. 
The hair treatment included Fusio-Dose with Concentre Oleo Fusion(orange) for instant nourishment,
ultimate detangling, softness and shine 
while Concentre Vita-Ciment(green)
for intensive repair, reconstruction and resistance. 
It was massaged into every part of the hair,
flat-ironed for ultimate penetration and masque was applied for 10-minute.
Oppa is so skilled especially in blowing and curling, love those bouncy curls!
And voila! Can you see the grey in my hair? Love the ashy-brown color so much!
This time we took a video! Penny was taking photos and time lapse videos throughout the visit
but too bad both of us don't have the time to edit them :( But I guess this is good enough, I flipped my hair so hard my hand hit the camera lol. By the way, GoPro is so fun I think I'm gonna get myself one :D
Here's the breakdown of each services:
Hair treatment - RM380
Color - RM300
Cut - RM85
Hopefully my hair would be strong enough for the Korean perm next time when I check in again!
Last but not least, a very pregnant photo of me with oppa :3
Huge thanks to Theatre Hair Dressing for sponsoring,
Richard for arranging, Lean Hooi for recommending me and Penny for taking photos!

Theatre Hair Dressing Gurney Plaza
Opens daily from 10:30am - 10:30pm
Gurney Plaza 4th floor
04-2268 728


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