Kérastase Fusio-Dose Hair Treatment Garçons Kelawai Penang

Long, thick, volume hair is one of my (very limited) assets so imma flaunt it whenever I can.
Since the super impressive Kérastase Hair Discipline Protocol Treatment I have done last year,
I am back again at this wonderland with super friendly people to save my damaged hair.
Read the previous post here.
I was here for the Fusio-Dose hair treatment.
Created by the very brilliant team from Kérastase, this is the first hair treatment that is 
entirely customized for each individual's need. It is a new generation of concentrated active ingredients
that are freshly fused to resolve all hair problems.

Now let's take a look at my broom hair, the color is so gross now.
As if a lion burnt its mane and ran through a land filled with rotten tomatoes.
Couldn't wait for them to work magic on my hair, this chapter shall be 
The Transformation of A Broom to Va-Va-Voom!
Attending to me was their super star Goh Tian Her, he was the
Top 15 Kérastase Ambassador 2014! Talking to him was like being in science class,
he taught me so much about hair and scalp, which left me frowning most of the time. 
I'm not academically smart. Okay I'll admit I'm not smart at all.

Tian Her scanned my hair showing which part is healthy(very surprised that there is
healthy hair on my head!) and which part has lost its keratin and nutrients completely.
Then he started washing my hair with Kérastase Reflection color protection shampoo.
To ease the process, I started cracking joke that made him 哭笑不得.
 After rinsing came the nightmare: Combing my very tangled hair
I needed 3 men to comb my hair, and I call this tiga lelaki sikat rumput.
Look at Tian Her's face, poor thing.

First step was to choose a Concentrate according to my hair's primary need.
Tian Her chose Concentre Oleo-Fusion for me.
It gives instant nourishment to the hair with detangling facility, softens the hair and gives it shine. 

Next was to choose a Booster. Pink one was selected for enhancing hair color and radiance.
The booster was clipped on top of the concentrate and pop! They became one. 
No wedding vow required. I hope you get my very lame joke.
Concentrate was sprayed on and massaged softly into hair.
Instead of the normal rich, creamy hair treatment, this concentrate is a micro-emulsion
that combines the richness of jojoba and avocado oil together with water.
The particles are 100 times smaller than a classic emulsion,
which is more effective in entering hair fibre. Told you this was a science class.
While waiting, Tian Her showed me an alternative way to tie a ponytail.
It was very simple yet so nice! Which I have already forgotten how to do.
Can never produce anything nice with ma hands.

Oh yes, tea was served at the very beginning!
Hair was rinsed and Kérastase Discipline hair mask was applied and massaged into the hair.
Penny who was running everywhere taking photos of me said the task was a challenging one,
as I was either showing very weird and complicated expressions or in this case, no expression at all.
Hair was rinsed again and Kérastase Elixir Ultime The Imperial was applied.
This multi-use oil can be used for both pre and post styling, it provides ultimate shine
and deep conditioning as well as UV protection. It also enhances of depth of hair color.
Apart from the keat keat effects that it gave, the floral scent was simply soothing!
Crazy big smile for the camera while blow-drying!
Love the bouncy boink end!
For finishing, Kérastase Elixir Ultime Sérum Solide was applied on the ends to seal those split ends.
This Elixir Ultime series seems like a great collection to invest in!
Voila! Hair is healthy, silky smooth and flipable again!
This Fusio-Dose treatment is priced at RM188 without booster
and RM246 with booster added.
Convinced? Get your very own customized hair treatment with them today!

Huge thanks to Garçons once again for this amazing treat
which also opened my eyes to many scientific facts of hair.
Thanks so much to Dasheric for arranging, Tian Her for educating and working magic
on my hair and Penny who took these bootiful photos.
Garçons Salon
Opens 11am - 8pm daily
171, Jalan Kelawei, 10250 Georgetown Penang
04-229 8088


  1. "The Transformation of A Broom to Va-Va-Voom!" HAHAHA!! 😂


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