Soul Cafe Christmas Set Dinner 2015

Always promising good quality food, Soul Cafe has come out with their
Christmas Set Dinner and some new arrivals on their menu!
 Since our last review last year, I have been telling my friends about this cafe
especially how good their pasta is, they all agreed with me.
Whenever I'm craving for pasta and coffee, this place immediately popped into my mind.
Apart from their good food, what I love about this cafe is that they exhibit different photographer's 
masterpieces with different themes every month so while you indulge yourself in food,
you could appreciate art at the same time.
They were exhibiting iPhone Photography by MacMac in November(and again in January 2016),
the photos hanging on the wall were all taken using iPhone! It was pretty mind-blowing. 
Most of all, the proceeds of each photo sold will be channeled to orang asli living in Grik.
Available on Dec 23 and 24, their Christmas Set Dinner is crazy cause it's only RM88nett!
It consisted a starter, choice of main course, a drink and dessert.
We were lucky to have the opportunity to preview the Christmasy spirit first!
Hokkaido Scallop 
This was only the starter, two giant Hokkaido scallops loaded with ebiko and micro herbs!
I hope you understand why I said the set is value for money now.
Instead of the ordinary mashed potatoes, they served cauliflower puree underneath the scallops.
It was creamy and smooth, definitely something creative that you would want to try!

Smoked Duck Breast | Roasted Chicken Whole Leg
 For main course, choose from either smoked duck or roasted chicken.
Sided with hickory barbecue sauce, the smoked duck breast was highly recommended 
as it was crispy on the outside and unbelievably soft on the inside. 
All of us couldn't stopped praising about it to the chef and the boss.
But of course, if duck isn't your favorite, the roasted chicken was equally good too.
Juicy and tender, it was sided with diane sauce, a rich, creamy mushroom sauce.
Both comes with brussels stoemp and sauteed seasonal vegetable.
Classic Vanilla Panna Cotta
Every meal must end sweet, and they're serving panna cotta for dessert!
I know it looked like there is nothing to shout about, but the strawberry coulis gave a hint of sourness 
to the sweet panna cotta and oh let's not forget about the crunchy butter crumbles sprinkled on top,
it might looked like it was nothing significant in this dish, but it was the icing on the cake.
For drinks, choose from Apple & Lime Fizzy or Wild Berry Fizzy.
Both were refreshing!
Quick! Call them to reserve yourself and your loved ones a seat before it was too late!
Besides the Christmas Set Dinner, we were also lucky to sampled some of their new dishes on the menu.
Soul Signature Ben [RM24]
Rocket & Ricotta Cheese | Guacamole & Poached Egg | Bacon &Poached Egg
Unlike the usual eggs benedict, their own rendition comes in three varieties.
The first one was topped with homemade ricotta cheese with white wine vinegar,
we thought the smell was going to be pungent but it was just a whisper of cheese, in fact, 
we love the fragrant. Second one would be my favorite guacamole!
But theirs was without onion, just avocado and lemon juice, much toned down than the usual one.
The last one was interesting, instead of the usual bacon, theirs was fried with brown sugar!
It was a combination of sweet, savory and crisp, topped with red wine sauce.
Such creative eggs benedict isn't it?
Homemade Mushroom Soup [RM16]
Their improved version of mushroom soup was cooked with leak, portobello, white button mushroom
and shiitake mushroom, bringing mushroom soup to a whole new level of fungus richness!
Chorizo e Vongole Stufato [RM35]
A very appetizing dish loaded with chorizo and lap cheong (Chinese sausage)
blended with olive oil, garlic, tomatoes, white wine and fresh clams.
Comes with two slices of toasted baguette which goes so well dipping in the stew!
Spaghetti Aglio e Olio [RM16]
Besides the basic requirement of a good aglio olio - al dente pasta,
fragrant fried garlic, loads of olives with olive oil, they sprinkled grana padano cheese on top!

Homemade Tiramisu [RM15.90] | Molten de Cocoa [RM18]
They now have their homemade dessert which made us sweet tooth happy!
If you're not a fan of alcohol, their tiramisu is the right one for you 
and will you look at the chocolate lava cake?
It's pretty and satisfying sided with vanilla ice-cream with sprinkles of nuts and pumpkin seeds.
Eat together with the passion fruit to enjoy both goodness of sour and sweet.
And that's a wrap!
Huge thanks to Soul Cafe for treating us and do call them to reserve your Christmas dinner fast!
Soul Cafe
Opens Monday to Saturday 11am - 11pm
Closed on Sunday
12, Jalan Kek Chuan 10400 Georgetown Penang
04-226 8200


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