Jeeves Cafe, Love Lane

Spot the super cute salt shakers! That was an odd opening but, oh well.
Love their quirky elements of dog butlers serving food and pouring coffee into a sugar jar.
Not comparing, but this looks exactly like Secawan n Such minus the mural.
Nevertheless, love this corner cause #sunlight
Okay I was not being a creep. One is a friend and another is a cousin.
So happy to bump into them, cause I can eat their food!
I've heard so much about their affordable brunch menu, that's the reason why I'm here.
Yay to no GST and service charge!
Oh and all their cakes are homemade! One bummer though, they close at 6pm.
Those poor souls working in Bayan Lepas can only come during weekends.

Latte [RM8.90]
中规中矩, comes with a biscotti. #forthesakeofrhyme
British Tomato [RM12.90]
This tomato soup came from England! Just kidding.
Creamy and thick tomato soup topped with *gasp* bacon!
It was Daniel's food, he did not offer me any so I can't judge but according to him it's nice.
Shrooms and Bacon [RM16.90]
Hefty portion(to me) of sauteed button, oyster and shitake mushrooms with crispy streaky bacon and shredded cheese, me favorite rocket and lettuce sandwiched in cereal loaf sided with potato wedges.
Aren't you drooling yet?
Salmon Benedict [RM19.90]
The classic eggs benedict with Norwegian smoked salmon topped with poached egg,
greens and hollandaise sauce on english muffin.
Personally think the hollandaise was tad bit too buttery and perhaps more lemon juice?
Jeeves Big Breakfast [RM23.90]
Sauteed mushrooms, sausage, grilled tomato, crispy bacon, baked beans, scrambled eggs
and a slice of toast sided with greens. Nothing can go wrong with these.
Most of all, it comes with a cuppa coffee or tea!
Thank you Daniel C for buying me brunch, Yong Yong and Joey for allowing me to steal their food!
Jeeves Love Lane
Opens Tuesday to Sunday
10am to 6pm
Closed on Monday
71, Love Lane, 10200 Penang
04-251 9120


  1. don't know how to say中规中矩 so direct use chinese? ..... XD
    but this cafe used to a lot people eh wor, why like so empty keh?

    1. Yalor just use 中规中矩, so much easier and direct haha
      Oh it was a weekday morning, everyone was working but not me :P


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