Secawan n Such on Hutton

Spacious and bright with high ceiling, vintage tiles always does the trick.
Opened for less than 2 months, I was recommended by the chirpy colleague,
Mel who comes here really, really often.
It's like the coffee is dripping on Kevin's head
This remarkable mural, Coffee for the Gods was done by Gabriel Marques,
a close association of le famous Ernest Zacharevic.
More seats at the back, gotta love the brick walls.
Another masterpiece done by GabrielNadia is the artist's girlfriend!
A peek at their menu; Not just ordinary tea, but premium tea range from Harney & Sons.
They serve scrumptious sandwiches too. 
For sweet endings, they got the whole package.
As always, I shamelessly asked if I could walk into the bar
to get some shots of the fresh yummy espresso.
I've got a thing for this, especially the hissing sound of milk steaming.
I miss the sound so much to the extend of asking a barista friend to record it for me.
Ahh I should just get an espresso machine, let me talk to my dad.
"Would you like to make your own cuppa coffee?"
asked Kishen, the friendly barista who is also the co-owner of the cafe.
My eyes sparkled with gratitude, words cannot describe how happy I was.
With the aim of educating people about coffee,
the bar is designed in a way that customers could just easily
make their way and get their hands on the coffee machine.
And of course, good guy Kishen will be there guiding you.
I have learnt that knocking the pitcher is to break the bubbles in the steamed milk!
All this while I thought baristas are just, violent.
Tadaa! Cafe latte made by yours sincerely!
Too bad there wasn't anyone there to take pictures of me making it, mew.
It didn't turn out quite nice though, as I never had the chance to
learn latte art back when I was at Coffee Bean.
Thanks to Kishen for fixing those weird looking bloops I made into pretty flowers.
Priced at RM9.90 and it comes with a slice of moon biscuit(gong zai peng in Canto).
It's more on the acidic side, which I'm getting a hang of it.
Basil & Pine Nuts Pesto with Poached Egg [RM16.90]
Available from 11am - 4pm
Overall palatable but I think there's too much basil that overpowers the dish, would like it with more garlic.
Mr Benedict [RM22.90] / Available from 8am - 2pm
I'm actually on a quest(kinda, not really actually) for good eggs benedict
in Penang, and this is by far the best I had.
6 strips of crispy bacon, 2 perfectly poached eggs, crunchy green frisee,
buttery hollandaise sauce on well toasted white bread.
It can be quite filling for a person who can't eat much at once like me,
so it's good for sharing! Or you can take-away the leftovers.
Thank you Kishen for letting me in the bar, please stay tuned for my next invasion.
Secawan n Such on Hutton
Opening hours
Monday, Wednesday to Sunday, 8am - 12am
Closed on Tuesday
205, Jalan Hutton 10500 Georgetown Penang


  1. Your latte art FAIL jor!! hahahaha.........
    but good to draw some flower there.... =P

    1. Mang aneh la, first attempt considered not bad already was so worried I would pour the hot milk on my hand HAHA. And the flowers done by the boss, not me :(

  2. The benedict looks divine.. drooling..

    1. It's the best so far in Penang! Go try okay? :D

  3. your pics are very pretty!

  4. From my personal experience, their egg's benedict is FAR from being 'the best' in Penang. Hollandaise sauce, while sufficiently buttery to be sure, sorely lacked the acidic component required to give off the signature, fleetingly sourish aftertaste. Of the two eggs served, one was overcooked. Finally, the eggs, bacon, bread and sauce ratio resulted in balance going out of the window when overpowering saltiness dominated the entire meal.

    On the positive side, it was visually pleasing and they were generous with the bacon (which was counterproductive in the whole scheme of things). Coffee was decent (flat white) but nothing to shout about.

    For RM32-80, the experience was disappointingly very mediocre. From the rave reviews that this place has been getting, I'm willing to give them benefit of the doubt, and attribute the negatives to oversight from the fact that the place was packed during lunchtime.

    For the price, the inconspicuous Bibis Fashion & Bakery Cafe at Kelawai Road (opposite Gurney Paragon) trumps Secawan with their variety of FRESH in-house baked breads that accompany their meals.

    No malice intended with this post, as food is a very subjective matter. Good day.