Hard Rock Hotel Penang Rock Spa - Rhythm and Motion

When words fail, music speaks. - Hans Christian Andersen
Music is my religion. - Jimi Hendrix
Music is very spiritual, it has the power to bring people together. - Edgar Winter
Of the gazilion quotes about music out there, the one that relates to me the most would be music heals.
Now what if music combines with massage?
Pretty sure the heartbreaks I'm gonna get 10 years in the future has already healed through this experience.
Oh I added the music notes just in case you can't see the music.
Was at Hard Rock Hotel Penang's Rock Spa with HH, back to the place I'm rather familiar with.
The spice garden, outdoor spa villa and the manicure room where I did a fun photoshoot with the Nomadic Family.
So much memories, I recalled asking Lenny, the previous spa manager how did she 
managed to work at such comfortable environment with lemon grass aromatherapy
lingering the place and not falling asleep. Anyway,
The hotel has introduced the arrival of Rhythm and Motion, the world's first music derived spa treatment.
They're the fifth property in the world and the first in Asia to launch this exciting treatment!
Filled in my details, stripped, and put on the "robe", pattern sikit before the massage started.
And mom was right , my hair does look like golden retriever's fur.
Of the few massages they offer including 
Synchronicity - foot cleanse with hot stone and choice of Hard Rock Massage or Traditional Malaysian Massage
Face the Music - an aromatherapy facial, I smiled at the creative name that was given,
both of us went for Heat Wave, a treatment using warm volcanic stones on body, hands and legs 
which helps to melt away tension, increase circulation, metabolism and eases muscle stiffness.
We get to choose from 3 aromatherapy oil which were Chill, Energize and Balance.
I chose Energize cause there's ginger in it and I LOVE anything ginger! Including Ed Sheeran.
This joke is getting old.
Courtesy of HH
Courtesy of HH
A brilliantly curated tracklist is played from the speaker above together with bass vibrating on the massage table.
If I'm not mistaken, one of Sigur Ros' songs was included it made me so happy!
All music lovers know very well that good music sends shiver down your spine,
even more when it was incorporation with massage, when the masseuse synchronize
the techniques and pressure with the music's rhythm and beats. 
It was one hella experience for everyone, especially when you enjoy music.
You can always ask the masseuse to turn up the bass for more vibration leading to more awesome chills.
A cup of ginger tea(YASSSS) was served after the treatment.
Sipping tea by the pool surrounded with greens and sea breeze, my life was at peace.

Often our hair would be all messed up after massage/facial treatment,
fret not as they have everything you need such as hair brush, hair dryer and even hair spray!
Surprisingly, my hair was still so nice after the treatment! If you didn't notice,
the genius wore her top inside out and didn't realize until Sheryn pointed it out.

Anyway, the Heat Wave treatment was 1.5 hours long and priced at RM390.
Huge thanks to Hard Rock Hotel Penang for the treat,
I enjoyed every bit of it! And not to forget HH who helped me take those pretty photos!
Let the Music Heal Your Soul
Rock Spa - Hard Rock Hotel Penang
Opens 9am to 9pm daily
04-8868 071


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