A day with The Nomadic Family

Working 9-5 is certainly not what I want in life but
 there are happy times that makes it enjoyable.
 For instance dressing up as a hippy who drinks, gets high and sings all day long, that was pretty fun.
 Apart from that, here's another thing I find joy at work.

This is the first thing that came into my mind when I saw the word Nomad.
9gag has officially conquered my mind.

On serious note, this is the result of Wiki Answer on Nomadic Family:
"A nomadic family is a family that travels the world for long time and make it a way of living.There are few families like that such as the Klaf Family from Israel.A modern nomadic family is a family who decides to make up their   own rules in the game of life.A modern nomadic family has the courage (some say 'insanity')to leave all they know, and explore the unknown.Nomadic families life out their dreams.A nomadic family has the blessed time for real family bonding,self-reflection, exploration, and whatever it is that is most dear to them."

They're so well-known that they're mentioned in the explanation!
So the day when they arrived,
I was assigned to welcome them and invite them for lunch.
As they don't own a handphone(yes, no handphone),
I went all around the hotel looking for them.
Devastated and clueless, I tried my luck at the front desk.
'Do you happen to see a family.... Nomadic family?'
'Yes, they're having breakfast at Starz Diner. Look for the barefoot family.'
So yea, I finally found them. And yup, 5 of them, all barefoot.
Here are some shots of the beautiful family.
Gabi the mommy, friendly and loving. The mastermind of the Nomadic Family.
Kobi the daddy.
I asked Gabi, 'Has he ever been serious in his life?'
 Gabi said, 'Never.'
Gorgeous Dahnya covered in chocolate. 
Gabi dared her to walk to the lobby like this, 
she refused to cause people might think it's poo instead of chocolate.
Orazi, enjoying his foot massage with this priceless face.
Love his curly hair, such a pretty boy! Makes me wanna sing M2M.
Sweet little Solai, she's a hugger! And she climbs on almost everything she sees.
Love her captivating eyes, and the wanderers seem to have gorgeous hair.
I shall wander more.
30 months from home, traveled all around the world.
It was a great honor to meet such loving family
I enjoyed listening to them speaking Hebrew that sounds like German.
Read about their adventurous life here and follow them on Facebook.


  1. I am shocked, moved, touched, deeply touched, tickled, amazed, and honored beyond words. What a lovely post, what sweet epiphanies, what nice things. Who is paying you to say these things my love? Surely, it ain't us. We're back to living on a budget, so thank you is all I can come up with. Can't believe you like our hair. Yeah, the kids have great hair! And your photography is simply amazing! And thank you for seeing us in such light. What a wonderful signing off from the internet for a week, by reading your post. Thank you dear Jennifer. Thank you sooooo much. Did you know of all of my hundreds of hard rock photos, my all-time favorite is the one of you and Dahnya hugging goodbye? Have you seen it? I must show you. Thank you, Gabi (he, he, he, I'm the mastermind! I love that!) and the crew. Moalboal, Philippines

    1. Aww and I am truly honoured and touched that you commented! Good things and love are meant to be shared! Your awesomeness are way beyond words could describe, sorry that I'm not good with words so I thought I could express them with those pictures :) Thanks for liking my photography too! Yes yes please show me or email me! Have been dying to see those wonderful pictures you took at Hard Rock! You enjoy Philippines, Mastermind! :D

  2. hi, first time i see this post.. amazing. thank you so much. I love the picture of our family in Hard Rock Hotel Penang.. cheers. Kobi

    1. Kobi, what a surprise! Thanks for your kind compliment, wish you wonderful adventures(as always) ahead! :)