Yellow Lips Cafe Beach Street

We have heard of pink lips, red lips, but yellow lips? First time.
I asked the mastermind of the cafe, why Yellow Lips? He said it is unusual and, sexy.

This place was previously Mangoes Cafe, which is now relocated to Gurney Paragon,
Yellow Lips is one of the very few cafes in Penang that provides pour over coffee.
  Not only that, it is also the only cafe in Penang that uses coffee beans from the award-winning P&F Coffee.
90 Pour Over | 92 Pour Over [RM10/each]
Wondering what's with the numbers they use for the cuppa's name?
They are the points rated by, one got 90 out of 100 while another got 92.
So it's legit guaranteed good coffee.
Roselle Frappe | Laichi Frappe
Greentea Frappe | Strawberry Frappe
Cozy Frozen | Switzco Frappe | Tamarind Frappe
If you're not a fan of coffee, they have a good variety of frappes to be chosen from.
Priced at RM12 each, my favorite goes to greentea, roselle and switzco.
Unlike the greentea frappe you have at Starbucks, which is all sweet and milky,
theirs is slightly bitter where you could really taste the greentea fragrance.
Roselle was sweet and refreshing while switzco was dark chocolate, less sweet and topped with
crunchy almond flakes and sesame. Absolutely creative and yummy.
Without much expectation, I thought they were gonna serve maybe some
sandwiches or cakes but I was totally blown away with the very colorful yums presented in front of me.
Tekka Don [RM25]
Bara Chirashi Don [RM36]
How often do you find Japanese food in a cafe?
They don't just serve some sushi with crabstick but those proper dishes that you find
in Japanese restaurants! If you're in for something raw, go for the Tekka Don,
where you get the appetizing tuna salad and fresh tuna sashimi or the Bara Chirashi Don,
where you get a little bit of everything - salmon, tuna, squid, butterfish, crabstick, shrimp and fish roe.
Unagi Don [RM28]
Smoke Kamo Chirashi [RM16]
If you're in for some meat, you will love the juicy, sweet unagi or
go for this succulent smoked duck slices with a bouncy poached egg!

Crabonara [RM16]
Squid ink pasta with cream sauce made of softshell crab and salmon cubes.
Don't they just get more and more exciting? Speaking of softshell crab,
Softshell Crab Burger [RM25]
They should really name this Krabby Patty don't you think?
This Aussie fusion features an entire softshell crab between soft,
krusty buns, sides with really good potato wedges. #siaoliao
You hungry yet? I'm drooling already. Oh and most importantly, it is only RM25!
Lamb Shank Croissant Sandwich [RM22]
Sea Tiger Nishiki Rice [RM28]
Lamb shank and sea tiger prawn in a cafe, yay or nay?
Gotta love the smoky spiced rice sitting in the grilled capsicum!
Huge thanks to Yellow Lips for hosting, very impressed with the food quality!
Yellow Lips Cafe
Opens everyday except Tuesday 
11am - 10pm
496, Lebuh Pantai, 10300 George Town, Penang
018-9949 4018


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