Mangoes Cafe Beach Street

Although it took us quite some time to look for this place,
I love the idea of hiddeness. It's mysterious and exciting altogether.

Tucked in a more secluded spot of Beach Street, Mangoes Cafe is a quaint little place
perfect for afternoon tea and night nibbles while winding down with a good book.
The setting is cozy with sofas and warm lighting,
feel like bringing my teddy bear and cuddle him while I sip my latte.
A hideaway lounge next door.
Mathijs Nanne, their very own chef from Dutch creates
contemporary Western and European cuisine with a local twist. 
Very often using ginger flower, curry leaves, laksa leaves, thai basil and coriander,
his dishes are all made from scratch, pretty interesting and eye-opening.
Duck Croquettes [RM10]
Dinner started with this heavenly nibble. Crunchy deep fried mashed potato and duck
goodness, comes together with creamy and garlicky laksa aioli.
Love the laksa leaves that gave a vibrant local flair to it.

Roasted and Smoked Duck Salad [RM18]
Sweet, savory and a tinge of sour, you got everything in this one!
Leafy greens with roasted and smoked duck slices,
caramalized pumpkin and tomato drizzled with balsamic and lemongrass dressing.

Baked Spiced Chicken, Pumpkin and Cheddar Slider [RM15]
 Very fragrant one as it is sprinkled with ginger flower and the aroma of cheddar cheese added an Asian-Western twist. Sided with their homemade chili jam, dip some to get a sweet and spicy kick. 
This makes a perfect brunch for small eater like me!
Nyonya Fish Cake with Hand Cut Chips [RM15]
We all agreed that it tasted like otak-otak, crunchy otak-otak in this case.
This fish cake was stuff with siakap(Asian seabass), mango,
local herbs, coriander and turmeric leaves.
Braised Shimeiji Mushroom Penne [RM15]
Cooked with turmeric, it's like curry pasta with juicy shimeiji!
Slow Cooked Beef Linguine [RM15]
Beef was cooked for 6 hours so it breaks apart easily and tender,
it's lip-smacking with tomato paste and galangal sauce.
Caramalized Mango and Chicken Linguine [RM18]
Cooked with olive oil, chili flakes and basil, it's kinda like aglio olio
with a sweet, sourish note with chicken.
 Grilled Lamb Skewer [RM15]
Comes with warm brown rice salad, nutmeg relish and yoghurt,
it reminded me a little bit of the Greek salad I tried when I was in Switzerland.
Not my favorite one but palatable, and it's pretty healthy.
Mocha [RM11]
Blackgrind Latte [RM6]
Using local beans blend with Arabica, the combination is surprisingly good!
Creamy, a little bit bitter and ends with a sour note, this is a unique cuppa.
What's even better? It's only RM6!
Matcha Latte [RM12]
Mint Lychee [RM12] | Spiced Nutmeg [RM9]
Matcha Frappe [RM14] | Fresh Mango Slush [RM14]
Matcha Frappe is slightly too sweet but pretty good. Love love love the Minty Lychee!
Fresh Mango Slush was refreshing with sago and blended sour plum.
Spiced Nutmeg is the chef's signature, go for that if you like a slight spicy kick to your nutmeg juice.
Nutella/Lemon/Oreo Cheese Cake [RM12/2pcs | RM15/3pcs]
Very dense, creamy yet not cloying mini little heavens.
Lemon one was a little too sour for me.

Lychee/Mango/Orange Lychee Chilled Cheese Cake [RM12/2pcs | RM15/3pcs]
Soft and light, my favorite goes to mango!
Gula Malacca Baked Cheese Cake [RM12/2pcs | RM15/3pcs]
If you would love an aromatic Malaysian flair, you should totally go for this!
They have Valentine's Day menu as well, reserve before it's too late!
Huge thanks to Mangoes Cafe for hosting!
Mangoes Cafe
Opening hours
Sunday, Monday, Wednesday
12pm - 9pm
Thursday to Saturday
12pm - 10pm
Closed on Tuesday
496, Lebuh Pantai, 10300 Georgetown Penang
011-1299 6239


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