Back at Garçons Salon to experience a brand new range -
Chronologiste - the masterpiece of total hair and scalp regeneration,
claimed the most precious jewels of scalp and fiber sublimation ever introduced by Kérastase.
This exclusive hair treatment is only available at two hair salons in Penang and of course, Garçons is one of them!
Are you intrigued? I know I certainly am!
Now let's take a look at my hair before the treatment.
My hair looked much healthier ever since they did the grey+brown+green hair coloring for me.
If you missed that post, you can read it here.
However, my hair was frizzy and dry with hopeless split-ends.
So let's see how this treatment is gonna rescue my grassy hair, shall we? 
First thing first, food. As long as you spend RM400 and above, light refreshment will be served.
Sparkling water, yoghurt muesli(so yummy they added goji berries in that was brilliant but I'm not here for food review so let's not dwell into it), cookies and *drum rolls* caviar were served!
Hair treatment while savoring caviar canapes, that's something new and atas isn't it?

Of course, they did not serve caviar for no reason.
These mini capsules called Vital Concentrate Pearls are inspired by caviar.
Containing cationic derivatives, silicone concentrate, gluco-lipids, squalane,
trio of ceramids and bisabolol, this luxurious baby will soften your hair,
facilitate detangling, strenghten, restore and regenerate your hair fiber,
giving your hair a shiny, soft and supple look.
The pearls were squeezed and added into Chronologiste Creme,
the hair mask with the largest amount of active ingredients.
The mixture of creme and pearls were applied and massaged for ultimate penetration.
I didn't have a photographer this time so Tian Her had to help me flip my fabulous hair.

Scented hair oil Parfum en Huile was applied for the last step.
It is designed by renowned perfumer Alberto Morillas who has made perfumes
for many big shots such as Bvlgari and Yves Saint Laurent.
I must say, I have never tried any hair oil that smells so elegant!
I was trying to show how smooth my hair was after the treatment but he said
I looked like Pocahontas' willow tree grandmother.
Sometimes the right path is not the easiest one.
Oh well, at least the tree was wise.
Tian Her trimmed my split-ends and curled my hair, it looked like fishtail braid!
In love with how light and soft my hair felt and looked after the treatment.
It costed RM588, by far the most luxurious hair treatment available.
Huge thanks to Garçons Salon for pampering me once again, I am truly blessed.
Do give them a call if you're interested!
Garçons Salon
Opens 11am - 8pm daily
171, Jalan Kelawei, 10250 Georgetown Penang
04-229 8088


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