Loreal Majirel Hair Coloring GARÇONS KELAWAI PENANG

After months of sulking in my disgusting, faded hair color, I am totally in love with my current one
as my mom would put it, 'grandmother hair'. Thanks ma, very encouraging!
If you have been following my hair journey, I tried ombre + balayage at Aveda last November
and since then, I allowed it to 'run free' without any maintenance.
The color has faded with patches everywhere and of course, root had grown for inches.
Just like teh-c-peng, there were at least 3 layers of color on my hair.
The funny part was, Dasheric, the director of Garçons Salon was annoyed by my hair color
and was eager to get rid of the red and blonde from my hair! That's why I always said,
I got even more benefits because I 又傻又丑。*throws confetti*
On a serious note, I had a hard time(as usual) when it comes to picking which color to dye.
And as usual, I wanted some crazy color again but was advised to calm down, at least for this time.
They suggested to go for a combination of grey, green and brown.
I was excited when I heard 'grey' and 'brown'. but was a little terrified when I heard 'green'.
I couldn't imagine how would 'green' turn out on me as I never looked good in green,
and I have seen some people having green-based hair and it was, not nice.
But I chose to trust them as they assured me that it would turn out to be nice,
so please! Take the wheel!
First thing first, they transformed me into an elf.
I mean, they put a car lock remote control on my ear.
I mean, my ears were covered to avoid getting dyes on.
Instead of straight to the hair coloring, they did color lifting,
where my hair was 'washed' to one color, which is the closest to my current hair color.
This is to cover up the ugly and imbalance color patches.
Oh right, the brand they use was Loreal Majirel, a rich permanent hair color that uses
advanced technologies, penetrating all 3 levels of hair from the outer layer to the hair fiber.
It strenghtens and reinforces from the inside out, giving your hair a long-lasting and radiant color.
How do you like my kim moh?
So here's a comparison of before and after color lifting. The color has balanced out evenly
and the red color was no where to be seen! It kind of felt like bleaching in a way,
but less damaging than bleaching of course.
After color lifting, they slapped on a layer of cement on my hair lol
They said I looked like I was in a spacesuit, which I agree.
And tadaaaaaa! As promised, it was grey, brown and green!
The color looked different in different lighting(of course la).
This was taken at H&M fitting room, where the green could hardly be seen.
And this was taken under natural sunlight, where the grey was so much more obvious
with a little bit of green. Very much in love with this color, it made my hair looks so much healthier
than ever! I went straight to babe Eunice's wedding rehearsal after coloring, 
everyone noticed my new hair color and all of them said it looked really good! Wheeee!
Huge thanks to the team at Garçons Salon for the job well done!
The color lifting and coloring priced at RM255 each so it sums up to RM510 in total.
For my length, which is very long and very thick too, RM255 is pretty reasonably and affordable. 
Once again, thank you Garçons Salon for sponsoring,
and Penny for helping with the pictures despite being sick :)
Garçons Salon
Opens 11am - 8pm daily
171, Jalan Kelawei, 10250 Georgetown Penang
04-229 8088


  1. Ur hair is really volume enuf. Looks more healthy now~ can be a hair model haha

    1. Yea very thick and heavy :/ Thanks! Let me know if you get any hair model kangtao hahaha


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