Inch Muntri Street - Glenfarclas Whisky Tasting

 When rustic meets color, voila! There goes a happy place for hipsters.

Remember I wrote about Plates? Well they are actually the same place.
Inch is Plates, Plates is Inch
Plates operates from 10am to 3pm while Inch opens at 5pm,
serving Asian cuisine and wide variety of alcohol.
The back of the bar where it's rustic with pastel colors and beams of sunlight
has became one of the hottest spots for fellow Instagrammers.
And I must say I am in love with this wall! How do I achieve paint chips like this?
My mom will definitely question my sense of beauty if I were to do this to my room's wall.
My hair looked a little bit like it was half-shaved hohoho!
Anyway, I recalled flipping through the newspaper one morning and had this epiphany
of wanting to learn to appreciate whisky. Right after that thought, I went to my laptop,
and Jazz asked me if I wanted to go to a whisky tasting event. 
The universe has been on my side lately, or maybe Jazz is a mind reader.
To be honest, I know nothing about whisky and had not heard about Glenfarclas before this event.
I came as an empty cup, which is the perfect form to learn stuff. 
I was so ready to down myself with loads of whisky! I mean knowledge. Whee!
The event started with a presentation about the history of the brand and how their whiskies
were produced by Glenfarclas Distillery UK's marketing executive Ian McWilliam.

Founded in 1836, Glenfarclas is not merely a distillery but a family legacy.
Since 1865, the brand has been owned and managed by only one family, which is the Grants.
It is the one of a few distilleries in Scotland that is run by family and they're now
in the hands of the 5th and 6th generations.
Having the vision of harvesting the best quality Single Highland Malt Scotch whisky,
3 essentials which were pure spring water, malted barley and yeast gave a distinctive character.
We sampled Glenfarclas 10 years old, 12 years old and 105 Cask Strength that night.
No ice nor water was added so that we could taste the pure character of each whisky.
My favorite, or should I say the most acceptable one goes to 12 years old
the rest was too hard for me to handle. I felt my throat burning and almost yelled out
ITS SPICY like Miranda Sings did. Again, I'm not an expert in drinking whisky,
not even close to a social drinker so you gotta try it for yourself.
As I was thinking how was I supposed to drink all of them without burning my throat again,
I thought of adding lots of water and ice although I might look like a loser(which I am)
and oh it tasted so much better! And of course, I finished all of them *confetti*
If you would like to know more about Glenfarclas, click here.
Apart from learning as an empty cup, I also came with an empty stomach.
End Kai Tord(Deep Fried Chicken Soft Bone)
Not your typical popcorn chicken, this was packed with soft bone, so chewy and it is good for your facial muscles I guess. Served with appetizing sriracha sauce. I had at least 5 plates of this :B
Kai Yang(Chicken Thigh Skewer)
Chicken thigh was marinated in garlic, pepper, coriander roots and charcoal grilled to perfection.
Tender and soft, they were served with Thai spicy dipping sauce.
Yum Pla Dook Foo(Fried Catfish)
This was something new for us. Catfish was fried with toasted peanuts, shallots
and bird's eye chili sided with green mango and served with lime fish sauce.
Crispy, sour, appetizing, this is one interesting dish.
Larb Kai (Minced Chicken)
Cooked with shallots, mint, coriander, Thia herbs, smoked rice powder
and Thai fish sauce, this is perfect with a bowl of white rice.
Tum Taeng (Sliced Cucumber Salad)
Flavored with string beans, peanuts, cherry tomatoes, dried shrimps and drizzled with lime fish sauce,
this tasted a little bland to me. I was expecting something like som tum.
Pandan Creme Brulee
Have you seen any creme brulee so mini? Cuteness overloaded lar!
Custard infused with pandan, very nyonya-ish dessert.

Huge thanks to Inch and Glenfarclas for hosting and as usual,
Jazz for helping me with my narcissistic photos as my slave was no where to be seen.
Inch Muntri Street
Opening hours
Monday, Wednesday to Thursday, Sunday
5pm - 12am
Friday to Saturday 
5pm - 2am
Closed on Tuesday
44 Lebuh Muntri 10200 Penang
04-261 1693


  1. Apa tu mind reader?
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    1. means you can read my mind even though i didn't tell you anything lo
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