Plates | Inch Muntri Street

 You can't buy happiness.
But you can buy brunch, which is kinda the same thing.
Located in Muntri Street, just opposite the Camera Musuem, 
this cafe has to be latest Instagram-worthy place in Penang.
Brick walls, simple patterns made of steel wire, vintage tiles and splash of turquoise.
Warm, quirky with beams of sunlight, perfect spot to pass time with a cuppa coffee or tea.
I couldn't stress how much I love these round ... I have no idea what they are called
but aren't they artsy, Japanesey and pretty?
Kept forcing Jazz to take photos of me in front of the two round canvas thingie.
He couldn't understand why I like them so much. I think it was love at first sight.
 If you have passed by this place, you would notice that the sign shows
Inch on one side and Plates on the other side.
I know, it's a little confusing. But it isn't.

The front part of the cafe is Plates, opens from 10am till 3pm,
serving breakfast, brunch and beverages.
The other half would be Inch, a bar serving boooooooze and Asian bites.
Let's focus on Plates today, shall we?
They're currently running a promotion where you pay RM80
to get any breakfast item(one only la) and unlimited bubbly!
They serve Noche y Diea Yellow Label Cava Brut from Spain, it was sweet and of course, bubbly.
 It was my first time starting my day with bubbly instead of coffee,
not a very good idea to get tipsy before 1pm but it was my off day so, why not?
Plates Brekkie [RM19]
I got all giddy(not from the bubbly) when I saw this colorful plate -
Poached eggs, toast, crispy yum hash brown, kidney beans, chicken sausages,
cherry tomatoes and fragrant button mushrooms. I need this every morning.
Eggs Benedict [RM19]
Their very own rendition of the traditional eggs benedict comes with
portobello mushrooms underneath the boink boink poached eggs,
topped with smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce sitting on lettuce and english muffin.
It was good but the hollandaise sauce was slightly too buttery and
overall was a little bland. I am totally blaming Secawan for this.
Tuna Kataifi Salad [RM18]
Agree with Jazz that they looked like pisang goreng on first sight tapi bukan.
Red tuna coated with kataifi, a traditional Greek shredded pastry
sided with rocket leaves and kimchi. An innovative and fortunately good one,
tuna was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Highly recommended!
Lyonnaise Salad [RM16]
Crunchy greens with beef bacon, poached egg, cherry tomatoes and croutons
with honey mustard dressing.
Duck Salad [RM18]
Another innovative one - crispy leek with smoked duck breast, turkey bacon,
julienne apple with orange dressing. Savory, tad bit of sour and sweet. Me likey!
Meatball Spinach [RM14]
Instead of the ordinary toast, they're using baguette.
Sandwiched with six dense meatballs with gherkin aioli, rocket leaves and melted cheese.
The aftermath was absolutely clumsy, I don't recommend anyone to eat this in front of their crush.
Unless you're like me, who lost her image from the start before you even speak.
Prawn Pasta [RM16]
Go for this one if you're up for a hot and spicy challenge.
Aglio olio cooked with cili padi and green chili with succulent prawns, none of us could handle this madness.
Chicken Spinach Pasta [RM16]
This is a satisfying one - tagliatelle pasta cooked with cream sauce,
loaded with cube mustard chicken, spinach, onions and cherry tomatoes.
Creamy, healthy, yummy.
Meatball Pomodoro [RM16]
This was everyone's favorite - Spaghetti with tomato sauce, loaded with dense beef meatballs,
basil and sprinkled with parmesan cheese.
Pancakes [RM16]
I must say, the stack of pancakes were really fluffy and soft!
Topped with apple compote, blueberries, strawberries, crumble and a dollop of mascarpone cream.
Comes with a tiny jar of maple syrup. Every meal must end sweet.
Photo courtesy of Jazz
 Huge thanks to Plates for inviting and Jazz for helping me
with my narcissistic shots without charging me a cent!
Plates Muntri Street 
Opens daily 10am - 3pm, closed on Tuesday
44, Lebuh Muntri 10200 George Town, Penang
04-261 1693


  1. I love your 1st photo....and i never notice there is Plates behind the inch sign.

    1. Oh the first photo was Instagram style :D You're not as observant as me hehehe

  2. It is quite interesting and unique to start a day with bubbly instead of ordinary milo or coffee~
    Btw i agree with u, secawan really serve best egg benedict and i could nt find any better other than it haha

    1. I guess it's more common in European country haha
      Oh yes, the BACONNNNNN! Not good la now everywhere I go I would compare thier eggs benedict with Secawan's, that's not really fair haha


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