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Oh won't you stay with me?
Today I will be introducing my own hotel, Hotel Jen!
I recalled the first time I met the hotel's gm at a party.
He shook my hand, told me he's the gm, so I shamelessly told him,
"Hi Gavin. I'm Jennifer, the owner of the hotel".
I thought it was funny, but now that I think about it, kind of biadap wasn't I?
But I was relieved that Gavin wasn't all serious and took it as a joke(it was a joke)
and we ended up talking quite a lot. See what cheekiness could bring?
He then inspired me to start my Silly Epiphany series, couldn't thank him more.
Of course I am forever grateful to my biadapness as well.
 If you didn't know, Hotel Jen was previously Traders Hotel.
It was rebranded last year, much livelier and quirky as compared to last time.
The 'New Jeneration' suits my taste perfectly.
The Islander, their restaurant at the lobby level has introduced some delectable 
new dishes to the menu. While it maintains 80% of its previous menu,
the new additions are simply innovative, created by their very experienced
executive chef B. Sivasegaran. Don't talk so much liao, now let's go makan!
(I think I should stop watching Night Owl Cinematics)
 Bruschetta [RM17]
To be honest, the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw this was 
'Huh? Come hotel jiak roti ahh?'
Please forgive my very shallow mind as the roti turned out to be really good!
Yellow and red cherry tomatoes lying on crispy charred rye bread, drizzled with olive oil
and sprinkled with basil and crack pepper. It was so good that I ate 3 slices!
I stopped myself from eating more as I was advised to save my tummy for the main courses. 
Arugula Salad [RM16]
A combination of sweet and bitter with honey sesame dressing,
this healthy starter was light but a little too bitter to my liking.
Pan Fried Stuffed Aubergine [RM45]
Interesting dish!
Aubergine was pan fried and stuffed with cheese and Provencal herbs then baked
and served with smoked tomato sauce. The filling was crunchy yum!
Grilled Burger [RM20]
This is no ordinary one as it comes with vegetarian patty made of couscous and potatoes.
Stacked with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and cheese.
A healthier pick whenever you're craving for burger!
Chicken Rosmarino [RM53]
Spring chicken was marinated in rosemary oil and cooked to perfection.
Chicken skin was crispy and the balsamic pepper jus blended well overall.
 Baked Trapia [RM48]
Steamed in foil, fish was soft and chewy with tomato coulis, fresh herbs,
olives and capers. I expect the dish to be overpowering but it was light with slight sour twist.
Lamb Osso Buco [RM58]
A Milanese specialty, cross-cut veal shanks were braised with vegetables, balsamic vinegar
and broth until soft and tender. Served with crazily creamy and buttery mashed potatoes!
Jen's Signature [RM18]
 Wait what? Since when my signature became a slice of chocolate mud pie?
It was supposed to be me flipping my hair! On a serious note, 
the layering of ice-cream, chocolate and caramel sauce was heavenly.
Perfect for sweet, rich chocolate lovers!
 Tiramisu Pancake [RM20]
The champion goes to this tiramisu pancake!
The pancakes were soft and fluffy with layering of creamy mascarpone 
and drizzled with espresso butterscotch sauce. Mm-mm-mm!
Tutti Frutti [RM21] | Bloody Mary [RM25]
 Apart from cocktails and mocktails, they serve a variety of coffee and tea too.
Do note that price is nett without service charge nor GST, how sweet are they?
Huge thanks to Hotel Jen for inviting, Penny for the food photos and Jazz who
was very busy juggling with many phones and cameras to take photos of these 4 vainpots.
The Islander Hotel Jen Penang
Opens daily 6am - 11pm
04-2622 622(ext. 8010)
Magazine Road, George Town, 10300 Penang


  1. the food is really tempting!
    ur introduction is really funny, love you silly epiphany series, cant wait for the next one haha

    1. Thanks Celine! That's very encouraging and I sure will come out with more silly epiphanies :D

  2. actually u r silly ma, that's why you tell him Hotel Jen is yours....haha~


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