Spoon Cafe Buffet G Hotel Kelawai

What's the best thing to do when you have no idea what to say during an interrogation?
Flip hair. It creates distraction, and of course, it's pretty.
Image grabbed from G Hotel's Facebook page
Newly added to the property, G Hotel Kelawai is showering you with exclusive and extraordinary chic experiences. The stylish hotel is mesmerizing especially at night
with the colorful everchanging lights. It was so pretty that I forgot to take a picture of it. #guilty
The trendy hotel has 208 innovative designed rooms with 3 F&B outlets
which are Spoon, 2PM and Gravity. Let's take a look at Spoon today!
If you have been to Gurney Plaza recently, you would see this cute buggy
parked next to G Hotel's Tree Bar.
If you're a lazy bump like me tired from shopping, carrying lotsa shopping bags
 and wish to go to G Hotel Kelawai, simply go to G Hotel's counter and ask for buggy service.
It's free of charge for everybody!
Although it only takes less than 5 minutes from Gurney Plaza to G Hotel Kelawai by foot,
but why not trouble the buggy guy give this cool buggy a try?
And here we are at Spoon Cafe on second floor, which I fell in love immediately when I stepped in.
Inspired by French bistro, this cafe is a combination of casual, elegance and simplicity.
I came here previously with my ex-colleagues, without knowing that it's so gorgeous.
My camera wasn't with me and I went with bare face, so no #winliaolor photos taken.
But lucky, lucky me! I was over the moon to receive an invitation by Ray
and did what I do best during this visit -
Forcing somebody to take pictures of me. 

The cafe is separated into different settings, which were all refreshing and too beautiful
to not being photographed. We were all so distracted by the place and couldn't stop taking photos,
poor Christina had to keep asking us to start ordering our drinks and stop taking pictures lol!
Sorry Christina, couldn't help!
Executive Sous Chef, Chef Ong
Sous Chef, Chef Ketut Gede Dodi
Pastry Chef, Chef Lim Kok Suw
The 3 dedicated(and shy)superstars who did wonders behind the scene to impress our taste buds.
Theme varies everyday, we sampled the Latino Night Buffet Dinner as it was Wednesday.
We were amazed by some classic, delicious delicacies from the Carribean, South America,
Brazil and Mexico. Without further ado, to the food!
Bread Counter
Salad Bar and Fresh Seafood
Cheesy Wedges
Thin Crust Pizza
Roasted Duck with Caramelized Pineapple
Pollo Fricassee Puerto Rico
Beef Medalion with Herb Jus
Gambas Pil Pil
Lamb Stew
Pan Grilled Fish with Tomato Salsa
Sweet Plantain Pie
Roasted Beef
 For starter, I would recommend the Argentina Beef Chimichurri Salad.
It was appetizing and the chopped onion would absolutely awaken your tastebuds.
Love, love, love the Beef Medalion, so soft, juicy and succulent!
It was marinated for hours and cooked right before the buffet started, fresh and satisfying.
Everybody, especially Christina wouldn't stop raving about the Roasted Duck.
Pineapple was never my favorite but I agreed to go for it(because they just couldn't
stop telling me how good it is) and gasp! the combination was good!
The caramelized pineapple gave the tender roast duck a sweet and tangy twist, simply amazing.
Kudos to the chefs for creating such heavenly dishes! 
Don't miss these at the Action Counter - Mexican Chicken Enchiladas, shredded chicken
wrapped in warm tortillas together with salsa verde, cheddar cheese and sour cream.
Also, don't underestimate the Cuba Fried Rice, I know it looks like nothing much to shout about
(those gigantic prawns though!), but it was so fragrant and yummy that Laygin ordered
3 plates continuously. I shall name her the queen of char mee and char bui.
Mexican Clear Chicken Soup | Creamy Leek and Garlic Soup
Soups were both good and appetizing. I would recommend the garlicky leek soup,
go for the clear soup if you would prefer something light.
Pomegranate Mojito [RM29]
Recommended by Christina, it was sweet and refreshing with spice rum, pomegranate syrup,
 lime, fresh mint and soda water. Easy-to-drink and pretty satisfying.
Sour Gourd [RM18]
One of the Energy Boosters available, it was surprisingly good and it kind of left us
speechless in amazement, as bitter gourd is hardly anyone's favorite.
Tasted sweet and a little sour (no bitter trail at all!) with bitter gourd, apple and sour plum.
It works in increasing body's insulin sensitivity and preventing diabetic complications.

Lychee Smash [RM29]
As it contains Grand Marnier cognac and lychee liqueur, I was a little worried that
it might be too heavy for me to handle but surprisingly it was easy to drink as well.
Also consisted pear puree, sugar syrup, fresh lemon juice and mint.
Cucumber & Cilantro [RM29]
Ray's choice; We all thought crushed cucumber would turn out to be strange but fortunately
it was the other way round. It consisted olmeca(tequila), cilantro, cucumber and lime.
One thing to highlight, the flatware they're using are all in rose gold colour!
We were all very fascinated by the cups, which are transparent at the bottom.
Anwayyyy, desserts!
Budin de Pan Con Coco
Pastel de Quesco con Papaya
Orange Cream Caramel
Chocolate Brownies
Strawberry Almond Tart
Mini Fruit Tartlets
Mini Pavlova
Love the mini fruit tartlets especially the soft pastry, the pavlova was slightly too sweet for me.
Churros were crazily soft and chocolate brownies were chewy sweet chocolatey!
Last but not least, me favorite chocolate fountain!
Sprinkled some rainbow rice I got from the ice-cream bar on my chocolate coated strawberries, because I'm a kid like this. And yes, they serve Gelatomio ice-cream here as well!

Price list as below:

Monday | Family Night Buffet Dinner
Tuesday | South Asia Buffet Dinner
Wednesday | Latino Night Buffet Dinner
Thursday | Mediterranean Night Buffet Dinner
Friday | Spanish Night Buffet Dinner
Saturday | Chinese and Japannese Buffet Dinner
RM98++ per pax
Sunday | Brunch 
RM78++ per pax
*Add RM35++ for free-flow of house beer or wine
*Children aged 12 and below eat for free
*Senior citizens aged 60 and above gets 50% discount
*Available until the end of March 2015
Huge thanks to G Hotel for inviting, Raymond who has been appearing on my blog lately
for taking flattering pictures of me and lending me his keat keat camera with keat keat lens
which resulted to some keat keat photos that my camera can't produce.

Spoon Cafe G Hotel Kelawai
Opens daily 6am - 11pm
Second floor | 2, Persiaran Maktab, 10250 Penang
04-219 0000


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