Tree Bar G Hotel

Back at the Tree Bar, where the tagline goes
'Not just a tree, it's a bar.'
Not sure if I was flipping hair or scratching my head.
Attended the launch of the bar few months back, you can read about it here.
Ray and a few of them were poking fun at this picture of me, how is this funny? :(
Apparently, I have a thing for this beautiful lamp. Must ask where they get it next time.
Anyway, I realized my previous post was nothing much on the food.
So I complained to Ray, the bubbly Marcom assistant that I WANT FOOD!
Be careful of what you wish for, cause I was showered with
almost every dishes available on the menu the other night.
And that's a blessing of course, not complaining.
Without further ado, let's get it started with some bites!
 Guacamole & Tortilla Chips with pico de gallo [RM15]
 Deep Fried Calamari served with chili lime dressing [RM22]
Mezze with Pita Bread sided with hummus and baba ganoush [RM16]

  Battered Fish served with wasabi aioli [RM21]

Char Siew Chicken Slider [RM18]

Moroccan Spiced Lamb Skewer [RM21]
Nicoise Salad with Pan Seared Tuna [RM16]

 Golden Chicken Wings [RM21]

Bucket of Chilled Shrimps served with homemade cocktail sauce [RM25(250gm) / RM49 (500gm)]
Smoked Salmon Roll with horseradish cream and dill [RM28]
Those looked like 6 tall people queuing up haha! Okay that's random.
My favorite goes to the tortilla, guacamole dip was splendid and the chips were crunchy.
Chilled shrimps and smoked salmon were really fresh.
Their chicken wings were marinated with calamansi, giving them a sour refreshing tinge.
Perfect if you're feeling peckish over a glass of beer.
Perfect for any occasion actually.
 Thai Beef Salad [RM16]
Go green and healthy with this tangy Thai flair of sliced beef, mango, tomato, cucumber,
red onion, romaine lettuce, mint, cilantro, roasted peanuts and sweet chili vinaigrette. 
Fondue Madness [RM25]
A rather unique one that I love, cheese fondue!
This is making me miss Switzerland a little bit, mew.
Mix of gruyere, emmentel and Swiss cheese, it's creamy and milky!
Dip with the bread cubes provided or you can use your finger, if your friends don't mind.
Newly added grill station at the back of the bar where you can create your own skewers.
Available everyday from 6pm - 8pm.
Asked the chef for more fire, so he granted my wish. And then he asked for 5 bucks from me.
There are squid, lamb, beef, chicken, prawn, sausages and 5 sauces to choose from.
And we have just done with the bites...
My jaw dropped when Christina, the marcom manager told the chef to serve the main course.
 Tree Bar Big Bun [RM22]
Sesame bun stuffed with mushroom and ham pepperoni, caramelized onion,
coleslaw, pickles with barbecue sauce.
 Chilling Dog [RM18]
Pickled jalapeno, diced onion, cilantro, and dill cucumber salsa.
Gold Standard [RM20]
Dry aged beef sirloin burger with smoked bacon, aged goat cheddar cheese,
tomato confit, baby arugula, garlic and chive aioli.
 Sloppy Slaw Dog [RM18]
Apple horseradish, slaw with cheddar cheese and whole grain mustard.

They serve a total of 6 chicken or beef buns(burger or hot dog).
3 types of bread to choose from: Ciabatta, sesame bun or sundried tomato and 
3 types of potatoes: Truffle fries, spicy wedges or french fries.
They were out of truffle fries that day, what a bummer! Love their spicy wedges though.
 Banana Chocolate Tart [RM11] | Gula Melaka Creme Crulee with coconut ice cream [RM11]
 Coconut Panna Cotta [RM11] | Macadamia Brownies with Hazelnut Mousse [RM11]
Apricot Cream Cheese Mousse [RM11]
Sweet ending is a happy ending, although we were all in food coma already.
Highly recommend their banana chocolate tart and macadamia brownies!
If you know me well, I don't like chocolate cakes.
Was reluctant a bit to try those but Ray insisted, and I was proved wrong.
Thanks Ray for being persistent!
Apart from their too good to be true promotion on selected draught beer, which is
Buy 1 FREE 2 before 9:30pm and
Buy 1 FREE 1 after 9:30pm
they have just introduced Absolut Tower at RM99++ per tower only!
There are 5 flavors available, my favorite goes to Ginger-licious!
Love everything ginger, especially Ed Sheeran.
The night ended with me blaming Ray for making me look fat
for taking this groupie from the side where I sit nearest to the camera.
Huge thanks Christina and Ray for hosting!
And my event partner for helping me with my narcissistic shots.

Tree Bar by G Hotel
Opens daily from 11am - 1am
04-238 0000
168A, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang


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