EzyPoster Canvas Printing - Giveaway

Believe it or not, I could paint pretty well too.
Yes, I am multitalented.
How do you like the luscious red tulips on blue and a picture of myself that I painted?
That was a joke obviously, I can't even draw a straight line nor a circle.
Thanks to EzyPoster, my living room is now vibrant with these canvas prints!
EzyPoster was established to make every walls of every homes stand out from the rest.
They are passionate about beautiful pictures on wall!
Print your memories and favorite pictures, hang them on your wall.
It will absolutely brighten up your home as well as reminding you of the happy moments.
Why choose EzyPoster?

Finest Quality Canvas Poster Print
Their canvas poster prints are UV printed with the latest technology that assure better color accuracy.
There is no lamination required as it is scratch, water and heat resistant.

Price Friendly
The price starts from RM159 which is affordable for such quality print so that everyone
can own a piece or two of their own and print one for every occasion!

Light Weight, Strong and Hassle-free
Their canvas poster prints are mounted on heavy duty fibre board,
no wooden frames nor staples thus it is light weight yet strong. 
Because it is lightweight, you can hang it up with just acrylic foam tape or 3M plastic hooks.
No nails are required, your wall remained holeless!

Quick Turnaround
Once you have placed your order, it will be delivered to your door step
and ready to hang up in around 7 working days.

Quality Packaging
The canvas prints are specially packed in boxes to ensure no damage when you receive them.

Great Customer Care
EzyPoster will ensure all enquiries are taken care of in 24 hours

At EzyPoster, they offer 3 types of services.

Good times come and go, but memories last forever.
Those memories made while you were traveling, special occasions, or just a simple gathering
with your loved ones. Splash art on your wall with meaning memories!
Here are some ideas that might be helpful:
Family is where the heart belongs.
This one so you can wake up and smell the coffee.
This to remind you to travel often.
Or your favorite celebrity so you can look at him/her and swoon over and over again.
My choice would be Tyler Oakley, his eyes and smile spark positivity and joy.
I printed my portrait shot at Musee du Louvre, Paris in the size of 12" x 18".
That shows how much I love Paris, as well as how narcissistic I am.
So how do you personalize and order one? Simple.
 First, select your canvas product whether you want it square, portrait or landscape.
Second, select the size you desire.
The picture on the right helps you to visualize how big your canvas print is going to be.
So brilliant and helpful isn't it?
Then, upload your picture. Price list of each sizes as below:
12" x 12" [RM159]
18" x 18" [RM229]
24" x 24" [RM289]
36" x 36" [RM449]
12" x 18" [RM169]
20" x 30" [RM299]
24" x 36" [RM379]
36" x 54" [RM649]
Shipping fee is at flat rate of RM10 per canvas to Malaysia and Singapore.
More on shipping information here.

Lastly, add to cart and you're done!

 If you have no idea which of your own picture to print or you don't have any,
you should totally shop at their gallery!
They have got 8 beautiful categories to be chosen from!
Art was the one that attracted me the most.
 Initially wanted to get Starry Night by Van Gogh but
went for Red Tulips by Edward Dwurnik instead in the size of 24" x 24".
Was amazed by the crisp quality, family loves it as well!
The striking and contrasting colors give an extra vibrance to my living room.
 Just go into their gallery, click into your favorite print, select the size and add to cart!

 Another gallery that I love would be Places, because it reminds me
of my Europe trips and places that are in my bucket list!
 Monochrome Eiffel Tower is love!
Do note that all prints have different standard sizes.

A photographer(not necessarily) who takes awesome shots of nature, life and stuff?
Share your photos and start making money!
Simple steps to register yourself for free and when somebody order your image,
you will start earning, as simple as that!

Print your memories, brighten-up your room and share your fascinating shots with
EzyPoster today!
I am giving away TWO 12" x 12" canvas prints of your choice worth RM159 each
for FREE and 50% off to 10 lucky winners on my Facebook page.

Click the link below to check out how to win, it's really simple I promise.

Once again, huge thanks to EzyPoster for sponsoring the gorgeous canvas prints,
Ee Lin for arranging and dear Jie Ling for recommending me.
I am truly blessed to have great, loving people in my life.

29, 1st floor(Room l), Beach Street, 10300 Penang
04-261 0419


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