Drip Cafe Prangin Terrace

Here comes the sun, doo doo doo doo. That 4 doos looked weird.
 Thanks to Jazz for this shot as well as letting me shoved his wife away from the window haha!

Simple and brightly lit, DRIP stands for Diversity Reboot Installation Project.
The concept of the cafe was adapted from Akihabara,
a district in Tokyo where the streets are covered with manga and anime characters.
Amos, the cafe owner is a cray cray Gundam figures collector.
As his sister is a cosplayer, she finds it difficult to take photos in public
without getting stereotyping stares. To bless their soul, 
Drip Cafe welcomes all cosplayers to gather around, take photos comfortably and even better,
enjoy 10% off total bill when you make your entrance with full cosplay costume.
I have finally found a valid reason to get Hatsune Miku's costume!

More space upstairs; They have live band performing every Saturday from 7pm to 10pm.
Daniel C was playing there twice but I missed it! :'(
Anyway, let's see what you can sip and munch on while indulging yourself in live music!
Americano [RM6.90]
This black beauty is sided with crackers, muesli bites and baby marshmallows.
Mocha [RM15.90]
Not your typical mocha as theirs come with a scoop of Haagen Dazs chocolate ice cream
and a shot of espresso with milk. Tasted great but the chocolate masked the espresso.
Chocolate lover would totally love this!
Kiwi Soda | Mixed Berry Fruit Soda [RM11.90 each]
Hot Orange Tea [RM7.90]
Melon, Mint and Strawberry Smoothie | Mango Smoothie [RM12.90 each]
Colorful and refreshing thirst quenchers, mango smoothie is ma favorite!
Soup of the day - Minestrone Soup [RM7.90]
A simpler version of the Italian delicacy, it would be better if beans were added in it.
Comes with a slice of crunchy garlic baguette.
Mashed Potato with Cheese and Beef Streaky Salami [RM7.90]
Layers of buttery, fine mashed potatoes, beef salamis and cheese, 
pretty satisfying bowl that I could totally whack every single day.
The portion was kinda small as it is on the appetizer menu.
Opt for chicken salami if you don't take beef.
 Sandwich Platter [RM20.90]
Slices of wholemeal bread and baguette, chicken hams, cheese, tori karaage
(fried chicken nuggets), tomatoes, greens and sided with egg mayo and peanut butter.
This is a fun platter to mix and match with your friends
while waiting for your main course to be served.
Spaghetti Napolitan [RM14.90]
Al dente spaghetti with button mushrooms, chicken sausages, onion and capsicums.
Overall palatable but the capsicum was overpowering. Not a fan of capsicum so, yea...
Japanese Curry Rice [RM15.90]
Sweet Japanese curry with fried chicken cutlet, the rice is the shape of a dolphin!
Corn Cream Pasta [RM11.90]
Comes with chicken hams, I find the taste to be a little bland.
Rare Cheesecake with Hot Greentea [RM10.90]
Bowie was telling me so much about this cheesecake before I went.
Soft and light, the texture was boink boink which reminds me of
the tofu cheesecake I had at Komugi.
Comes with a cup of hot greentea, these two creates a perfect harmony.
If you'd like to take away, greentea is not included and you pay RM9.90 only.
Lemon Yoghurt [RM8.50]
Original yoghurt with homemade lemon curd, this zesty dessert is simply divine
and perfect for those who just had a heavy meal. Sheryn would totally love this!
Red Velvet Cake | Chocolate Moist Cake [RM9.50 each]
 Low in sugar, both are slightly dry but acceptable.
I like the red velvet cake for its light cocoa-tinge.
Chocolate Vanilla Parfait [RM14.90]
This cute little thing got everybody giddy!
Layering goodness of soft chocolate and classic milk ice-cream
with crunchy cereal in between drizzled with sweet chocolate sauce. 

Haagen Dasz Greentea Ice-cream [RM9.90]
If you're craving for just a scoop of ice-cream, they have 3 flavors available
including the chocolate and classic milk used in the parfait above.
Spot pretty Jinni on the window's reflection! 
Wrapping up with this couple who finds the couch
too comfortable and refused to move their asses.
Huge thanks to Amos for hosting and Bowie of The Brackets for recommending!
Drip Cafe Prangin Terrace
Opens daily except Wednesday
11am - 10pm
43, Gat Jalan Prangin, Prangin Terrace,
10300 Georgetown Penang
04-261 2913


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