The Brackets

 The names HaiWei and Bowie Ong may not ring a bell to many,
but their songs have been performed by many big artistes, from Andy Lau to Angela Chang.
Born and bred in Penang, Ong and HaiWei are also known as the duo
called The Brackets, who released their debut EP The Brackets: Volume 1 recently.
HaiWei, 34, is a songwriter, singer and guitarist who has beenin the music scene for more than a decade.Since signing with Warner/Chappell Music Taiwan in 2001, he has composed songs for big names from Taiwan and Hong Kong. They include Andy Lau, Jerry Yan, Tiger Huang and Angela Chang.
In his teenage days, HaiWei’s hobbies were drawing caricatures and 
composing songs
using his trusted acoustic guitar. 
He has always thought that he would end up being a comic artist.
However, he soon decided to pursue a career in music.
He has received several music awards
including Malaysia’s PWH Music Awards and Best Original Song Award.

As for Ong, 27, who always has a smile on his face, is a composer, producer and a guitar expert. Signed with the same music label as HaiWei’s in 2011, he has collaborated with a number of foreign artistes.Since primary school, he has always been curious about and amazed by musical instruments.He learnt the piano and mastered it. Growing up, he discovered that the guitar was the musical instrument for him. It didn’t take long for him to become a skillful guitarist, although self-taught.Story behind The Brackets:
When asked why they picked the name The Brackets for their outfit,
Ong explains: “Life is like a bracket, you fill your life with things you love.”

So here they are, filling their passion and desire for music

hoping to 
spread their passion to every nook and corner of the world.

The duo met by chance at an event in 2010 as cover band partners.
“Our first meeting didn’t end well,” says HaiWei with a chuckle. 
Ong says : “Our music influence is very different.
HaiWei is into Japanese music while I am more into Western.”

Their first meeting may have ended in awkward silence
but despite their different music preferences, 
they eventually discovered that
they are on the same page in terms of musical path. 

They formed
The Brackets in 2012.
Unique in their own ways, 
the duo understand each other and connect very well.
“We don’t have a specific music style. Generally, our fans describe us as R&B

but we do music in the sense of whatever feels right and good for us,” says HaiWei.

The duo had their debut concert at Penang’s Performing Arts Centre (Penangpac) earlier this month.
The two-hour music event was standing-room only at the hall
and their debut EP album on sale there sold out.
“The satisfaction that music is able to give is indescribable.

We are constantly exploring new stuff in creating music, 
with the goal of giving the best to our fans,”
said Ong after their performance.

For more information on The Brackets, visit
To purchase their EP, visit
I didn't have much expectation when I was invited to blog about their debut concert.
I was proved wrong. Their talent and amazing achievements are inspiring.
Looking at these two dudes, always poking fun at each other. Hilarious and entertaining!
And if you're wondering why does this article sound so serious(not my usual self, mew),
cause this piece is meant for New Straits Times.
I'm over the moon that this article is published on Life & Times,
and glad that I could help them a bit(I hope I did!)
Please continue to inspire the world with good music!


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