Daily Dose Cafe Stewart Lane

Visited Daily Dose for the first time in October 2013, read the post here.
I was surprised and upset to learn that they were closed due to some rental issues.
I haven't tried all their paletas yet, how could they do this to me?!

Months later, I was assigned to interview an artist named Tanya on her project,
Lost & Found for Georgetown Festival 2014.
I had no idea how does she look like(didn't do homework lor)
and to my surprise(and excitement), she was the friendly good cook at Daily Dose!

We got carried away so many times during the interview, talking about food
instead of her project. Had a fun time talking to her, her story is so inspiring.
If you're interested, you can read my humble write-up here.

Anyway, got an e-mail from Tanya last November,
informing that Daily Dose is now re-opened!

Located in Stewart Lane (same stretch with Seven Terraces),
I gotta say, I love this new place even more!
It's spacious, surrounded with greens and sunlight beaming in.
The kind of place I want to spend my afternoon, the perfect spot for a cuppa.
 Feeling so much love from these simple words.
The steel owl be judging you.

The gloomy bunny was no where to be seen but I found these cheeky bunnies playing hide-and-seek.
Pretty extensive drinks menu that includes coffee, refreshing sodas, fresh juices,
frappes, fruit smoothies, beer and wine. Oh and many flavors of icy lollies!

The only bummer is that they don't offer much food choices here, 
hopefully the selection will get a little more sweeping in the future.
Using Papa Palheta coffee beans, both latte and cappucino are priced at RM10 each.
My cappucino blended really well with the marble table.
Jeslyn's French Toast with Fruits [RM13]
Deep fried honey glazed toasts topped with sliced bananas and sweet blueberries.
I'm not a fan of French toast, Jeslyn said it would be perfect
if more egg wash was used for the coating.
Look at ma tempting, mouth-watering House BLT!
Priced at RM20, toasts are topped with sunny-side up, tangy lemony avocado,
ma favorite rocket leaves and crunchy bacon strips sprinkled with black pepper.
Personally think the texture would be better if they're using bagel instead of toast.
Please bring back the bagels.
 Now will you excuse me while I soak in the sun and greens.
Daily Dose Cafe
Opens daily except Wednesday
9am - 7pm
36, Lorong Stewart, 10200 Georgetown Penang


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