Daily Dose Cafe

Notice: Daily Dose had relocated to 36, Stewart Lane
Read the updated post here.
Amid a stretch of Chinese kopitiams along Lebuh Carnavon,
the road across Mugshot cafe, lies this simple yet welcoming place.
We were greeted by this kind lovely bunny..
that looks gloomy on the other side. Aww poor bunny are you lost?
Besides the bunny and some greens, these appeared to be the only decoration in the cafe.
And they are for sale! Except the yellow one on the right as it belongs to the owner.
Found this on their Facebook:
"We might walk barefoot, but we like excellent handcrafted coffee.
We also like good food; Simple, tasty, wholesome and biteful.
And we certainly like wine."
It made me smile and giggle abit.
Menu scattered all over the place, don't know where to look first!
 Serving American, Mexican and Spanish,
 an array of delightful choices from breakfast to nibbles and even wine!
Oh yes, and good coffee too.
 Latte [RM9]
Do note that all their coffee comes in double shot, thus it's slightly bitter for me.
New York Cheese Cake with Balsamic Strawberries [RM12]
Ordered this out of curiosity, as I really like balsamic and wondered how it's gonna be
 with strawberry and cheese cake, I didn't regret a bit! 
The sour flavor of the toppings go pretty well and didn't overpower the cheesecake.
 San Diego Bagel [RM16]
Avocado-egg salad topped with my favorite rocket.
It's slightly pricey compared to other cafes but it's homemade and yummy.
It can be a torture to watch me eat, as yours truly is most 'graceful' when she eats.
I hope this explains why I am still single.
Paleta of the day [RM6] 
Paleta is Mexican ice lolly, they serve different flavor every day.
I got banana yoghurt with vanila and coconut that day. Don't really like banana but it tasted okay,
will still try my luck for their mango with ginger flavor though.
Didn't know you can get creative with iced water.
Those oranges, apples and cucumbers are just refreshing!
Will definitely come back and yell this upon my grand arrival.
The Daily Dose Cafe
Opening hours:
Daily 10A.M. - 7P.M. except Wednesday
8C, Lebuh Carnavon, 10100 Georgetown Penang


  1. wow..love the cafe's name...
    thanks for sharing.. :)

    1. Yea love it too, true that coffee is my daily dose.
      Thanks for dropping by :)

  2. Wah, another new cafe ah... I must resist... Resistance is futile. I will go visit =)

    1. It's not new but I have just discovered, yea why even resist? Please do! :)

  3. Hahaha. I love food very much too, though I used to eating slowly like you do. Almost 80-90% photo on my mukabuku are about food, rather than people. Liked coffee too especially Mocha~~


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