Aveda Hair Coloring at Restyle + Nu Sentral

Greetings earthlings!
It's Ursula, the voluptuous sea witch from The Little Mermaid.
After a pampering hair and scalp treatment session,
or best-known for my hair-flipping fiesta back in October,
I was at Restyle + by A Cut Above again to splash some colors on my hair!
Aveda Full Spectrum Hair Color is up to 99% naturally derived
with a signature blend of 100% organic protective plant oils
such as sunflower, castor, coconit, babassu and jojoba oils
infusing the hair with amazing shine for essentially damage-free results.
It helps to protect as well as conditioning the hair for essentially damage-free,
which results with amazing shine. The color is fade-resistant, created with an environmental
and social conscience which makes you feel good about using plant power instead of petrochemicals.
I was overwhelmed with all these bootiful colors presented to me!
So Nadia, their senior stylist popped the question:
Which color do you like?

I had never been so distracted in my life, so many images were flying in my head.
One second I wanted to look like Hit Girl from Kick-Ass,
next second I wanted to have platinum hair like Sheena Liam,
next second I wanted to look like Hayley Williams.
I could really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right nowwwww.
I am one fickle-minded girl, very fickle-minded.
I just couldn't get my eyes off this shade of pink(10R/V)!
I imagined myself having GD's chio pastel pink hair, but knowing that
I wouldn't be able to carry that and the maintenance would be sky high,
I asked Nadia to suggest me with color that suits my skin tone and low-maintenance.

She suggested me Ombre + Balayage, question marks were flying on top of my head.
I've heard of Ombre, but Balayage was totally something new for me.
Balayage means sweep or paint in French.
It is a free-hand technique where colors are applied on the surface of hair,
giving it a soft and natural streaks. Although it sounded very similar to highlights,
this technique will show less noticeable regrowth lines, which is why it's low maintenance.

I actually had this picture in my head when Nadia was explaining to me,
dark brown with blonde streaks(Rumi Neely ftw!), but because my hair has been
in the shade of brown ever since I started coloring my hair,
so I thought it wouldn't kill to try something a lil more adventurous this time.
And yea, also because I wouldn't let go of the pink shade that I fell in love with.
I had no idea how it would turn out, I put all my faith on Nadia to take the wheel.
As usual, a cup of Aveda comforting tea was served upon arrival.
That's Nadia, my hair stylist of the day trimming my lion hair.
Please excuse the mess I made on the table as it was a really rush trip.
Took a bus that morning from Penang straight to Nu Sentral Mall,
so I had to tabao food and eat while they did my hair.
And oh, I didn't have a personal photographer this round.
So you will be seeing a lot of selfies and mirror shots. *sniff sniff*
Done trimming, next would be Bleaching!
That was my combination of excited and nervous expression.
Oh hello Sky!
Bleaching the tip(Ombre), plastic sheets were used to separate the bleached hair.
 This was the Balayage I was very curious of, hair was parted and bleaching of surface was done.
Looked like I was wearing a wedding veil lol!
Hair was washed after some 20 minutes, I looked even more like a lion after bleaching!
Hair was parted for hair color application, this kinda reminded me of Woody Woodpecker.
*signature woody woodpecker's laugh*
I kinda like the yellow actually, was so tempted to just walk home with my freshly bleached hair!
The Red/Violet shade I picked was applied from root to tip.
After that, hair was washed with Aveda Color Conserve Shampoo and Conditioner 
to lock in the color as well as balancing the hair's PH level.
Later on, Color Conserve Daily Protect was applied as leave-in treatment.
So excited when I saw those vibrant colors on my hair while blow-drying!
Selfie with my DSLR with one hand yo, glad that I didn't drop it.
The colors flow gradually from dark brown, to red with a little bit of violet and orange!
Love it even more after curling! Bouncy Ursula tentacles!
It has been 3 weeks since this was done this and I'm surprised that the red shade is still there!
Huge thanks to Nadia and Sky for this fabulous job and Ian for arranging.
And of course, thank you Aveda and Restyle + once again for sponsoring!
Restyle + by A Cut Above
Nu Sentral Mall
03-2276 6668
L3-02, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5, Brickfields,
50470 Kuala Lumpur


  1. hey how much do they charge?

    1. Hi Priyanka, coloring for whole head starts from RM180, mine is extra long so it's RM310 :)

  2. Hey Jennifer. Did they bleach your hair. Also, my hair is shoulder length. How much would it cost to colour it? :)

    1. Hi yes they bleached my hair, I mentioned that in the post :) It should cost around RM180 to RM210 :)

  3. Are you now using D7000?


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