Aveda Botanical Therapy Scalp & Hair Treatment at Restyle +

I figured since I love flipping hair so much, I might as well
write a hair flipping guide to help those dummies to master this skill.
Look, I'm flying without wings!
Joke aside, my terribly damaged hair needed a fix.
Since my visit to Aveda Experience Center's opening at Gurney Plaza 2 months back, 
I fell in love with their products as well as their mission to protect mother earth. 
You can read about it here.
Lucky lucky me was given the opportunity to experience their luxurious
Botanical Therapy Scalp & Hair Treatment.
Time to tame my unruly hair!
I was treated with their Welcome Rituals upon arrival.
Aveda Comforting Tea was served, warm towel was offered
to refresh followed by Aroma Ritual with Blue Oil.
I felt so pampered already!
Gideon analyzing my hair and scalp's condition.
Surprisingly, he said my scalp is very healthy!
I have never gotten any positive feedback on my hair from any hair stylists.
It's always something like 'Wow when was the last time you did hair treatment?',
'You should totally chop off your hair, look at those split ends!' and it goes on and on.
But they did mention that my hair is too long and suggested me to trim a bit. 

I didn't tell them that my goal is actually Lily Cole in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.
Meet Shu Gene, the trainer!
He was explaining to me about the treatment I was getting, the benefits, duration and etc.
Here's a list of hair treatments available for each hair conditions and the products used;
Mine would be Very Dry Hair in need of intense moisturizing treatment.
Left to right: 
Dry Remedy Moisturizing Masque / Scalp Remedy Intense Detoxifier / 
Dry Remedy Penetrating Moisture
Gideon performing the Aroma ritual with Blue Oil
A little story behind:
Working closely with Ayurvedic physicians, Aveda's Research and Development
scientists artfully crafted Botanical Therapy's scalp and hair products to create
an intense aromatic experience and draw on the art and science of pure flower
and plant essences to rejuvenate the scalp, hair and sense. 

Each Botanical Therapy combines Aromaology - the science of essential oils -
with a specialized massage or application technique that intensifies the sensory experience
for the guest while enhancing the benefits to the scalp and hair.

Beautiful hair occurs when the scalp and hair are healthy and balanced.
Based on the wisdom of Ayurveda, Botanical Therapy treats the ecosystem of the scalp
and hair by using aroma-therapeutic essential oils and touch to balance the scalp
and using potent plant actives to intensively repair and moisturize the hair.
Botanical Therapy can be customized to address every guest's scalp
and hair needs, allowing their natural beauty shine bright.
Scalp Remedy Intense Detoxifier was applied on various areas of the scalp.
It exfoliates the scalp, helps to unclog pores by deep cleansing
congested and excess sebum on scalp. It also removes build-up due to accumulated
dead skin cells from products usage, creating an ideal foundation for healthy hair.
And it also creates this messy bed head that I was quite fascinated with.
Rinsing off; Isn't the glass window pretty?
It's as if I was in the jungle surrounded by the harmonious sound of bird chirping and river flowing.
That totally made the hair rinsing experience even more enjoyable.
In love with this photo cause my nose looked high from this angle haha!
 And they transformed me into 皇后娘娘 (ancient empress).
They used Dry Remedy Moisturizing Shampoo to wash my hair.
Hair was silky smooth, as if it was conditioned. Must get that shampoo!
Next was Intensive Moisture Hair Treatment using the combination of
Dry Remedy Penetrating Moisture and Treatment Masque.
Sky applying treatment spray from the root to end
Application of Dry Remedy Penetrating Moisture + Treatment Masque
With main ingredients such as organic kukui seed oil, buriti and pomegranate oil
and conditioner derived from palm kernel, the treatment dramatically improves
the hair's condition in just 5 minutes!
It uses innovative plant micro technology to deliver intense product penetration,
providing moisture and improve dry hair up to 86%.
While waiting, Sky gave me a hand massage using Hand Relief.
The level of indulgence is too high!
Blow dry and styling; As usual, I asked for big curls instead of straight hair.
And voila! Hair was soft, light and bouncy!
Brace yourself, tonnes of hair flipping photos coming your way.
Front and Side, attempting to pose like those models in hair product posters.
As promised, my guide to perfect hair flipping. You're welcome.
I bet people who had to watch me doing that in the hair salon wanted to slap me real bad.
Thank you dee dee for making this awesome gif!
This Botanical Therapy Scalp & Hair Treatment is priced at RM290 for extra long hair like mine.
As you can see, the experience, or should I say indulgence was heavenly
and totally worth the price you pay. 
If you're interested in the treatment, make your appointment at 03-2276 6668.
The hair treatment was done at Restyle + by A Cut Above located at Nu Sentral Mall.
Apart from rebonding and perming, they use Aveda hair products for all hair services.
Aveda products are available for sale at the salon too!
Huge thanks to Aveda and Restyle + for the wonderful experience.
Also thanks to Ian, Aveda's product manager and Shu Gene for arranging.

I would like to give credit to Jervis, my personal photographer of the day
who was dedicated and really patient with me.
Not everyone can stand me flipping hair continuously for like, at least 15 minutes.
Sadly, he's pretty occupied and won't be able to do any portrait shoot for now.
But if you would like to find him/make an awesome friend, you can find him here.

I hope you enjoyed my hair flipping fiesta!


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