Aveda Invati Story Sharing

A month after my hair-flipping fiesta Botanic Therapy hair treatment
experience with Aveda, I was in KL once again for a blogger event
held at their very own training center at Mid Valley.
Oh I will explain about the plant I was proudly holding later.
Brought my charismatic cousin Becca from Switzerland along,
who passes as a blogger more than I do!
She was so busy walking around, talking to everyone and getting contacts.
My life needs major reflection.
We were treated with scalp treatment massage at the entrance.
Shu Gene, the brand's trainer giving me tips on how to get va va voom hair.
Followed by Aroma Ritual with Blue Oil.
There were 3 tables in the room, with 3 types of pots placed on the tables.
I chose this white one, without knowing what to do with it. They kept it as a surprise!
And why didn't my photographer tell me that my hair was messy...
Ian, the brand's product manager presented the story shared by Global Communications'
top tier editors from the US, Australia and Japan on their trip to Santara, India to learn 
about Invati, Aveda's hero product for hair thinning.
As some of the Aveda products have rosemary in them,
we got the opportunity to plant our very own rosemary!
The green thumb was so ready to get her hands dirty!
Not literally, cause I was wearing gloves.
First, put pot pieces into the chosen pot. This is for better drainage system.
Next, place soil containing gold on top of the pot pieces.
Then, transfer the rosemary plant from the original pot to my pot.
And that was the time I realized I overdressed. Or dressed inappropriately.
But overdress is better than underdress, am I right?
Although it was only transferring the plant from one pot to another,
I was proud that I did not drop the plant on the floor, or hurt anyone during the process.
Unfortunately, the glory did not last long.
I was called aside by Mr Chew, the landscape designer who taught us about the rosemary plantation.
Felt like I was getting a detention or something haha!
He told me that my plant was senget, thus I have to trim the part that was sticking out.
I was the only one who got called aside, guess I don't have green thumbs after all.
Bloggers from the same table.
Refreshment was served! 
Time for the most challenging part: Eat while mingling without letting food fly to people's face.
Ashley, my ex-colleague at Coffee Bean who is now a successful blogger
 introduced me to SunshineKelly. The awkward penguin says hello!Becca introducing me to the pretty petite JQ Lee, gotta love her blonde hair!
A groupie with all the KL bloggers and the awesome Aveda team.
Apart from the pot of rosemary, we brought back travel-size Invati products,
Stress-Fix body lotion and soaking salts.
Thank you Aveda for the fun experience that made my short trip down KL rewarding 
and of course, thank you Jervis once again for being my photographer of the day!
Find out more about Aveda on their website and Facebook page.


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