The Louvre, Paris Day 2

The liberating jump in front of The Louvre / Musee du Louvre.
If you didn't know, this is the museum where the legendary painting of Mona Lisa is kept,
or a friend would put it, the place they filmed Edge of Tomorrow and Da Vinci Code.
My little brother loves history, so this is a must-go attraction to him.
I'm fine with just taking pictures outside of the glass pyramid without entering,
but oh well, this time I conformed.


This post is all about ART.
Paintings, sculptures(mostly nude), insanely gorgeous ceilings.
Art of me making fun of art, art of how ignorant I am, art of my endless complaints
and rants about why coming here was a huge mistake for me.
If you're alright with all that, you may proceed reading.
Woke up really early, cause the sun sets really early during winter.
I think we slept at 8.30 the night before, nothing much to do
as all shops were closed and we were exhausted.
Breakfast at our favorite bakery again!
The almond cookie, which I have forgotten what it's called,was crazily good!
A piece of thin, crispy, crunchy, almond-filled heaven T_T
If anyone know where can I find this in Penang, do share!
And their pistachio macaron was the best macaron I have ever had!
I have never tried Pierre Herme nor Laduree tho but this is good enough for me.
Familia :)
The cheese doesn't wanna leave the pita!
Hopped on the train and walked a bit.
Before entering the museum, stretch of shops and there was wifi!
A candid photo of me admiring the pyramid, I looked sweet.
Then I realized my dad was taking photos of me, and yea, I ruined a good picture.
Getting all excited!
Before this, I didn't know the museum consists of 4 buildings!
It's crazily huge and it's pretty impossible for one to see every single items they have here.
A brochure was given with the building structures and some highlights so you won't miss those must-sees.
They also provide audio guide(chargeable) which is a Nintendo 3Ds
with detailed explanations and where the items are located.
We started by walking into any random room, this is located at lower ground floor.
Here you will see how artists portray saints in different ages.
Saint Mary Magdalene
Such gorgeous mermaid hair! Yup that's all I could see from this sculpture.
I don't like you, creepy angel. 
By the way, you're not supposed to touch anything there.
This boy got warned so many times, never learnt his lesson one haih

Going up the stairs and in awe to see such beautiful ceiling!
A close-up, the details blew me away!
A room filled with paintings.
This is the place I fell asleep for ... God knows how long.
Ahh I know this one!
Une Odalisque painted by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres.
A glimpse of the grass is always greener on the other side thru the window, I wished I was out there!
More paintings...
More insanely jaw-dropping ceilings..
The Consecration of the Emperor Napoleon and the Coronation of Empress Josephine
Apart from tourists, many schools do their field trips here.
And that's a gigantic painting.
Moreeee gorgeous ceilings, this room is filled with jewelries and crowns.
And that was the second time of me falling sleep.
Le legendary Mona Lisa, look at the insane crowd.
Saw these 2 kids sketching Mona Lisa, the girl's looked like the lady ghost from Ju On.
The mom said 'Oh my God, great job guys!' and I overheard her telling the husband they're so picasso.
Such cute and encouraging mom, which is rare to happen to us Asians.
Finally, going out to grab some air.
Thanks to the rumbling sky that added such dramatic effect to the picture.
Must have touristy family picture.
Okay here's something I find interesting.
Lady and gentleman, I present you
Lady Gaga!
We actually stared at this for a very long time, wondering if that's really her.
She wasn't with all those crazy make-up and costumes you see.

Walked out to the entrance to confirm. There wasn't wifi at that moment so I couldn't google.
A huge screen of format video with reference of Mademoiselle Caroline Riviere.
The original painting,  painted by Jean Auguse Dominique Ingres,
the same artist who painted the bare back lady I showed earlier.
A short video I took with a dove flying across the sky, sorry I got shaky hands!
 I totally salute her for standing still for such a long time,
with very subtle movement like fluttering of eyelids and tear slowing streaming down her face.
There was also video portrait of her referencing Head of Saint John the Baptist on a Charger,
which we didn't know it was her. Cause there was beard on her face.
Anyway, I was so much happier to see this than anything else.
The Seating Scribe
Moving on with lotsa Egyptian antiques...
Like this.....

Hey dum dum, gimme some gum gum.
A random painting that I like.
My interpretation of the piece is that when you die,
your soul scattered everywhere in the universe.
And there you will meet  people you loved who had passed on,
and you live forever and ever in that dark mysterious infinity.
When I was younger, before I slept, I would always think
about the place I will be when I die. This is very close to what I imagined.
I was only 5 or 6, did I think too much as a kid?
I was excited to see these Greek Roman sculptures! Not because they're nude okay.
I used to watch a cartoon called Busy Town if I'm not mistaken,
there was this episode on Michelangelo which I took interest in.
And I think that was the very first time of me getting exposed to European country, namely Italy.
Aphrodite, or Venus de Milo
And I got bored after 5 minutes with those nude sculptures that looked almost the same.
Plato, Aristotle, Socrates
Those Greek philosophers we read about in Sejarah.
Brother was surprised that I know them, just because I failed my history paper.
Little did he know that all I know is their names,
I have no idea what great things these 3 dudes did in the past.
Aren't I hopeless?
This is just... weird.
To make things interesting, I mean to entertain myself, I started making fun of the sculptures.
Oppa jebal kajima!!
Life is so hard right? I know, I really do.
This pose must do on the floor one.
I'm so bad at this, I can never look sensual like him.
The Louvre by night.
I am glad that my family didn't insist to stay until the guard chases us out.
Overexposed at Arc de Triomphe among chasing cars.
We skipped Champs Elysees and called it a night.
I thought I was fast in churning out this post but found out that
my Paris Day 1 post was 2 months ago. So I shall blog about Day 3 in October.
Somebody gotta wake me up when September ends then. 


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