Coffee Smith Maritime Piazza, Karpal Singh Drive

 So I was shopping for tables and lamps at a furniture shop Coffee Smith the other day.
Nice table, but it sure looks heavy.
Lame joke aside, this post combines my two visits to this cafe everybody is talking about.
One in the afternoon, one at night. And 4 different cameras. 
Nicely done menu that looks like a press ad, but can be quite confusing to read.
Slightly too cluttered, with almost direct translation.
A franchise from Taiwan, with a little bit of London element.
If the Big Ben looks familiar to you, this was the place I took my Printit photos.
Cousin said I looked like Rumi Neely here, what a compliment!
Playing with le handsome nephew with a doll that has something to do with the kpop world.

It was a Sunday, we arrived before the place was opened.
Ordered brunch, we were informed that our food would only be served at 12pm.
It was 11am when we made our order, we had to wait for an hour.
The reason was, the kitchen was still not opened yet.
Not sure if it only happened on that day or it applies everyday.
Wern Yen pointed out that if that's the case,
the menu should say 'Lunch' instead of 'Brunch', which I agree.
Brunch set comes with complimentary black coffee and fruit juice.
Behind the scene of people nowadays, where we feed our cameras before feeding ourselves.
Tuscany Chowder Hand Hamburger Steak Baked Egg [RM26]
Baked egg, hamburger steak in the shape of meatball, sour dough, fries and salad.
The hamburger steak was rich in herb fragrance but slightly dry.
The baked egg wasn't bad, but nothing much to shout about.
Benny Dick Egg [RM24]
They meant eggs benedict. And sorry I didn't notice that the picture was out of focus.
Sad to say, it turned out to be really disappointing.
There wasn't any hollandaise sauce, egg was overcooked, english muffin was cold and hard.
Major improvement needed here.
Oven Steak Double Sun Egg [RM31]
The steak was well executed, tender and juicy.
The portion considered small hence I think it's overpriced.
Despite the disappointment, decided to give it another try with ma girls
Sheryn and Karen, why are they so synchronized!
By the way, do make reservation cause they're always packed.
We felt bad for taking selfies as people were waiting for our table.
Sheryn looked like Marty the zebra from Madagasgar here lol
Random toilet sign
Potted Strawberry Milkshake [RM12]
Rose Latte [RM10]
The amount of girlishness in this cup is.. suffocating.
I had a dilemma when I saw this, it's like so pretty so sweet but
the man that's trapped in me tried his very best to resist it.
I need to talk to my therapist.
To add on to the girlishness, here's me with my sweet smile.
In all seriousness though, I love this rose latte with a hint of rose aroma,
not overpowering at all. Highly recommended!
Caesar Salad with Spices Chicken [RM14]
 They both claimed that this is the best caesar salad they have ever had.
I like the chicken seasoned with Italian herbs.
Italian Tuna with Parmesan Cheese [RM12]
Not bad but nothing much to shout about. Again, the fries were so good!
So good that we ordered just the fries!
It's Italian Spices Chicken with Fries on the menu and priced at RM12.
The homemade tartar sauce was the bomb!
They have this 'subscription plans', an add-on to your main dish which is very worth it.
Set A
Add on RM8 and get a cup of black coffee and salad
Set B
Add on RM12 and get a cup of latte, salad, soup of the day and dessert
Set C
Add on RM16 and get a cup of artisan coffee, salad, soup of the day and dessert
Sheryn 'subscribed' to Set B.
Latte, originally priced at RM10.
Small bowl of creamy pumpkin(I think so) soup and salad.
Grilled Cuttlefish with Cuttlefish Risotto [RM26]
The everybody-is-talking-about-it risotto, this is a rare find in Penang.
Cooked with mint sauce, the seasoning didn't seem to be balanced.
We scooped a bit from one part, it was spicy. Scooped up another part, it was bland.
Scooped up another part, it was just nice. Confusing.
On the other hand, the cuttlefish was chewy and good.

As me and Sheryn were nomming this down, Karen, who sat across of us, jumped in horror.
Cause we both looked like this.
I looked like I escaped from The Exorcist.
It was the squid ink from the risotto of course.
So my advice is not to eat this on your first date or if you're with the guy you're trying to impress.
Unless he has some weird fetish, then go ahead.
Cheesecake from Sheryn's 'subscription plan', thumbs up for this!
Thank you for paying for me, I love you very much.
Here I end my charpelang post.

Coffee Smith Penang
Facebook page
Opens daily from 11am-11pm
04-684 1818
No 29C-01-11, Maritime Piazza,
Lebuh Sungai Pinang 5, 10300 Georgetown Penang


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