Printit - Print your memories, Tell your story

They say picture speaks a thousand words.
To me, picture captures beautiful moments that lasts forever.
People might change, but pictures don't.
Okay of course pictures don't change but you get what I'm trying to say.
A creation by TribeupPrintit was launched in February this year
and they already have over 5,000 pictures printed!
This awesome app allows you to get your pictures printed without having to step out of your house!

I was overjoyed when I received an e-mail from them, 
saying they will print 20 pieces of postcards for me!
Thanks to the kind person(s) who recommended me to them :)
I got really excited, there are so many photos I want to print! 
Ended up printing pictures of people that matters to me, that includes myself.
Spot yourself here!
I mean, try your best to, cause some are buried in the deep.
Super happy and satisfied with the outcome, isn't it gorgeous?
So sharp and glossy, love each and every of them!
Only 4 simple steps to get your memories printed!

Step 1: Download the app!
For Android -

Step 2: Choose the size you desire
Mini Square (1.9in x 1.9in)
20 pcs - RM12
MiniWide (1.6in x 2.5in)
20 pcs - RM12
**Both are available in photo paper quality only
Square (3.5in x 3.5in)
10 pcs - RM20
20 pcs - RM35
**Choose between photo paper quality or matte laminated artcard(matte card)
Square Postcard (11.5cm x 13.5cm)
5 pcs - RM20
10 pcs - RM35
20 pcs - RM60

Wide Postcard (9.5cm x 18cm)
5 pcs - RM25
10 pcs - RM40
20 pcs - RM65

MiniBook (8.6cm x 11.6cm)
 20 pages, RM30

SquareBook (11.4cm x 14.8cm)
 20 pages, RM45
**Material: Matte laminated artcard(matte card) only

Geogetown Festival Postcards
*Available from 1st July to 15 September 2014

Step 3: Select and preview
A series of nonsense I have yet to blog about.

Step 4: Pay and wait for them to be delivered to your house!
Isn't this the simplest way to get your pictures printed?
Oh and, free shipping within Malaysia!
Just in case you have no idea what to do with the printed pictures,
here are some ideas found on Google.
Decorate your room just like what you always see on Tumblr!
I always thought surprising your gf/bf by sneaking into her/his room and
making a heart out of sweet memories is so romantic *sniff sniff*
Anyway, splurge your creativity alright!

Re-creating the moment with le cousin/occasional personal photographer!
This is actually a great idea to take anniversary photo.

If you're full of yourself(like me), I can suggest you to print your travel photos
into postcards and send to your friends!

Just like how ordinary postcard works:
Write your messages at the back, not to forget the mailing address,
paste a stamp and throw into the postbox!

 And this is me being the usual me, kiam pa is the word if you're wondering.
Oh no, not giving my cousin away nor the postcard she's holding haha.
I have 10 pieces of RM5 Printit discount vouchers to be given away!

Just drop me an email at jennifertham226@gmail and tell me why do you like me
with your name and the lucky ones shall receive the discount voucher!
Limited to one voucher per pax.
Drop your e-mail before 4th July 2014, good luck!

Huge thanks to Printit for the wonderful postcards!
I'm smiling everytime I look at them :)
Official website / Facebook page
016-626 7006


  1. wow! this is cool and so convenient! the quality looks good too! i may want to give a try :)

    1. Yup the quality is really good, you should get your memories printed too!
      Nice photos you got on your blog btw :)


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