Victoria Sweet Pastry - Afternoon Tea for 2

Remember this gorgeous place that makes all girls feel like princesses?
Since my first visit 6 months back, my hair has grew much longer.
Okay on a serious note, the young innovative pastry chef has added new exciting items on the menu!
White Chocolate Rum Raisin Blueberry Jam Cake [RM10.90]
Colorful and appetizing not only to the tummy, but to the eyes too!
Love the brilliant layering and combination, slightly sour blueberry jam and the crunchy crumb base!
Caramel Brandy Apple Jam Mousse Cake [RM10.90]
Looking at the name, I was expecting this to be extremely sweet but it's not.
Condensed and creamy inside, covered with a layer of caramel.

Oh and surprise lychee in between!
Raspberry Rose Lychee Jelly [RM7.90]
Was checking out the display at the counter and couldn't get my eyes off this one.
It exudes.. romance. Oh god I'm becoming girly.
Anyway, this dessert is light and slightly sour with distinctive lychee taste,
topped with sweet raspberry jam, garnished with rose petals and lychee bits at the bottom
Caramel Chocolate Mix Nut Cake [RM10.90]
Dark chocolate outer layer, me love! Moist, chocolatey and nutty.
Caramel Mix Nut Cream Puff [RM8.90]
The puff is too dry and slightly hard so it's a bit difficult to cut into smaller pieces.
But thumbs-up to the sweet caramel cream and nutty paradise that are sandwiched in between.

Vanilla Baked Cheese Cake [RM11.90]
Creamy cheese with caramelized top(like creme brulee!) 
Tofu Panna Cotta Cheese Cake [RM11.90]
Just like tofu, the texture is fluffy and boink boink!
There's actually not much flavor to this one, you might wanna opt for
the one on top if you prefer something heavier.
Victoria Sweet Afternoon Tea for Two [RM39.90]
Okay princesses, it's time to show your pinkies!
 One the first tier - Fresh strawberries, butter and chocolate cookies, cream puffs,
lemon meringue tart, fruit tart, rose lychee jelly, vanilla madeleine and butter cake.
The rose lychee jelly is the same with the one I mentioned on top, without the raspberry.
I prefer this one, light lychee sweetness with a hint of rose petals fragrance.
The lemon meringue tart was a tongue-tickler, can never get enough of the buttery, crunchy pastry.
Not to forget the cookies, they're scrumptious!
Beware and behold! For the cream oozes from below. 
 Second tier - Savory goodness including ham & cheese sandwiches, tuna tarts, baguette topped with lettuce, pineapple wrapped in ham, cherry tomato and mayo, canapes(Japanese cucumber, cream cheese, fresh strawberry slice and walnut), scone(raisins/pistachio) and chocolate coated mixed berries cake.
Comes with strawberry jam and butter, I find the scones slightly dry.
The cake has rum-soaked sponge base which makes it really good, a must-try!
Royal Afternoon Tea Set for Two [RM69.90]
I was enthralled, partly because of the pretty hefty portion.
Since Lorde says we can never be royals, we can still pretend to be one, by ordering this one!
First tier - Cake of your choice, 3 macarons, handmade chocolates,
 fresh strawberries and vanilla madeleine.
The cake we had was Chocolate Banana Mousse Cake [RM12.90]
you gotta love the nutty base and the bananas in between!
What I like about their macaron is that it's not overly sweet,
so it's totally fine to settle 3 of em' all by yourself! 
I mean if you're selfish, you can totally do that.
 Covered with bitter cocoa powder, this thick, creamy dark chocolate melts immediately in your mouth!
Second and third tier -  Pretty much the same with Victoria Sweet Afternoon Tea
with addition of shrimp cocktail served in glass and mini strawberry puffs.
Don't worry about getting thirsty along the way. Both afternoon tea sets come with drinks.
Choose from 2 cups of coffee/ 2 cups of iced tea or a pot of hot fruit tea.
Thanks to Jinni for the narcissistic shots, too bad we forgot to take a selfie together.
And of course huge thanks to Victoria Sweet Pastry for extending the invitation.
Ladies, put on your tiara and cloak like Queen Elsa and spend your royal afternoon here.
Victoria Sweet Pastry
Opening hours:
12pm to 11pm , closed on Tuesday 
B-G-9, Vantage Desiran Tanjung,
Jalan Tanjung Tokong, 10470 Penang

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