Victoria Sweet Pastry, Vantage Desiran Tanjung

Dessert, irresistibly sweet indulgence that concludes a meal.
No matter how full a girl is, she will always have space for dessert.
It's a fact that girls have hidden stomach for dessert.
Without dessert, a meal life is not complete.
And to Lilo, dessert is the solution to Stitch's trouble!
Located at the new shoplot, Vantage Desiran Tanjung(beside Tesco Tanjung Tokong),
Victoria Sweet Pastry seems to be the one and only restaurant standing now.
 My eyes sparkled when I stepped into this place.
 I like the lamp so much that I asked them where to get it.
Princessy pink wall, plain white furniture, purple couch, crystal chandeliers, flowers and doves.
A place where all girly girls dreamed their room would be.
And even better?
They have desserts! Pretty pretty mouth-watering desserts!!
Now let's forget about everything and go on a sweet escape!

Ma Berry Macaron [RM8.90]
Girls let me hear you sccreeaaammmmmmm!
This huge pinky macaron kick-started my excitement, and I'm pretty sure it did for most girls.
Not a huge fan of macarons(terrible experience of finishing 6 in a row!),
but this totally surprised me with the berry sour strawberries and jam that are sandwiched
 in between which evens out the sweet cookies.
Chocolate Espresso Macaron [RM8.90]
Assorted nuts swimming together with dark chocolate and espresso cream,
 this great combination of crunchy bitter sweet sure is an unforgettable one!
 And of course, my retarded face at the back is a plus point to it.
Tiramisu [RM9.90]
With all those extra sweet Tiramisu they have been serving out there,
I didn't have high hope on this. But I was wrong, this tiramisu isn't too sweet at all.
And how I love the taste of alcohol in it!
Chocolate Passion Fruit Mousse [RM9.90]
Super rich chocolate mousse combined with sour passion fruit at the base, simply heavenly. 
Lemon Meringue Tart [RM8.90]
What usually attracts me is the burnt cream on top, pretty ain't it?
The lemon filling is slightly too sour compared to those I have tried, but I would say it's really refreshing.
Vanilla Pear Cake [RM10.90]
Rich in vanilla fragrant, soft and fluffy with generous amount of diced pears.
Girls let me hear you scream again!
Blackforest French Golden Toast [RM17.90]
Thought we're gonna be super bloated and probably sugar overdosed after eating all those brownies,
turned out they are danish charcoal toasts which goes very well with the chocolate ice cream and sauce.
How pretty the ice-cream flows like a waterfall.
Caramel Panna Cotta [RM9.90]
On my first bite, I ate the pudding alone. It was too milky for me.
So I took another bite, this time with the mango cubes
And I realized they are put together for a reason.
 The sourness of mangoes evens out the milkiness of the pudding, and the texture is boink boink.

By the way, how can desserts not come with coffee or tea?
Rose Latte Cofee [RM9.90]
I meant to order the iced one, as I can't really handle sweet in hot coffee.
Smooth and super firm foam(the roses didn't sink at all!) with subtle rose fragrant.
*roses are for illustration purpose only"
Victoria Sweet Rose Flower Tea [RM12.90]
Hot Mocha [RM8.90]
Hazelnut Latte Coffee [RM9.90]
Victoria Sweet Iced Fruit Tea [RM10.90]

Now now, for guys who are here because of their girlfriends,
who aren't interested in sweet fancy stuff and probably scratching their heads
thinking what should they eat/do while the girls wouldn't stop
taking pictures of the dessert/with the dessert/themselves,
here are a variety of main courses to the rescue!
Victoria Sweet Salad [RM9.90]
Quite huge portion of crunchy greens with strips of cheese, chicken,
fried noodles(weird but I'm cool with it), blackberries, olives, croutons and cherry tomatoes
Victoria Sandwich [RM20.90]
Hefty portion of tuna, smoked duck, cheese and greens, served with potato salad.
The toasts are crunchy! This could probably feed up to 2-3 person.
Pasta with Pesto Sauce [RM17.90]
Probably the best pesto I've ever had, perfectly sauteed with the right amount of everything.
Not too salty, just right.

Here's something intriguing!
What's in this mysterious glittery chocolate ball?
And God said, let there be smoke!

And there was smoke!
夜明珠 Legendary Luminous Pearl [RM29.90]
Fresh pumpkin blends with custard, accompanied by fresh strawberries
 served in chocolate dome. And of course, the chocolate is edible!
Specially for Halloween only, available from now till 31st October 2013.
Get your spooks on! 
A picture with the sweet Jinni who helped me with my vain photos. Thank you!
Last but not least, pictures taken at my favorite English corner.

Victoria Sweet Pastry
Opens daily 12 - 11 P.M.
B-G-9, Vantage Desiran Tanjung,
Jalan Tanjung Tokong, 10470 Penang


  1. Whoa, more food. Make me hungryyyy...... Your face is not retarded, it is pretty face nearby food, ok? Tiramisu looking not bad =)

    1. haha okay thanks. Yup it's good and not too sweet.

  2. I just had their coffee macaroon yesterday, not too bad nor it was cloying, but i'm not a fan of coffee so i guess that's why i didn't quite enjoy it :p

    1. Ahh I see, I'm a die-hard fan of coffee that's why it's my favourite among all hehe. Anticipating your review :)

  3. I wish there is a branch at KL or JB, Penang is just too far T.T

  4. Hi Jennifer,

    I like their macaroon and the french toast. But i missed the chocolate ball... no choice.. had to wait till next years.


    1. Hello Wong,
      Yes their macarons are good!
      Aww too bad, better luck next year :)
      Thanks for dropping by!


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